Everything is about to change

I’m in the process of change, big change, in my life and business – I’ve been in this process for a while.

For months I’ve been spending more of my time facing new fears + doubts + gremlins + inner critics. Lately it’s been lots of visits with this new friend called Ms. WORRYWART.? Not fun.

But, with each part I work through new space opens up. And I’m coming to the part where it’s less being in the internal process of change and more making sparkly new things real, out in the world.


So at this point, I’m spending less time with the gremlins and more time with CLARITY, FREEDOM, POSSIBILITY and BEING TRUE TO MYSELF AND MY MISSION, which is all-around awesome.

And so: everything is about to change at the Creative Magic Academy.

Everything is going to change to better support my mission of overflowing this whole world with sparkly wishes (fulfilled!) and dreams (come true!).

But first: I’m doing the Creative With Money Online Playdate!? It’s amazing and it’s happening SOON – Oct 26 (next Friday!).

And then: everything will change in November.

Until then: all kits are unavailable, except the Creative Dream Incubator.

If there is a kit you reeeally need like right now, use the contact form on this page to email me.

And coaching remains unavailable.

What is coming next is AMAZING. AMAZING!

Hello! Sparkly wishes (fulfilled!) and dreams (come true!).

You’re going to love it.

PS: The Creative With Money Online Playdate is happening SUPER SOON!

Past participants have called this ?A smashing success?, ?Life-changing? and ?So full of magic I?m still seeing stars and glitter!?

We’re playdating on OCTOBER 26. That’s next Friday.


Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps