Love and Money Revolution

On top of my file cabinet in my office at Creative Magic Headquarters.

This week, instead of a new episode of Creative Dream TV, I am sharing this:

I did an hour-long interview with the Love and Money Revolution for their Holistic Business Radio.

Love! And Money!

I had so much fun doing this interview.

We talked about how we can use creativity to make things work magically better in our lives. We also talk about how to transform our (often sticky and hard) relationships with money into something that is way better.

It’s a great show!

>>> Click here to listen now.

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PS: The Creative With Money Online Playdate is happening SUPER SOON!

Past participants have called this ?A smashing success?, ?Life-changing? and ?So full of magic I?m still seeing stars and glitter!?

We’re playdating on OCTOBER 26. That’s next Friday.


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