The Fairy Who Had No Wings

I’m trying to do the thing that I want to be doing today.? But there is this fairy buzzing around.

I mean, she’s not buzzing, she’s standing.? And she’s not a fairy, deep down what she really is is a fairy, but what she’s being right now is more of an oaf.

Fairy cries.

I’m sorry, I’m not meaning that as an insult, I’m just trying to explain the situation.? You do seem like an oaf.

Don’t you see?!? It’s these boulders!? I’ve got BOULDERS on my SHOULDERS!

Sure enough, she’s got bounders on her shoulders and that is enough to make anyone appear oak-like.

Can I help take them off?

No! I need them.? The boulders are my wings.? My wings turned into boulders.? We need to turn them back into wings, not cut them off!?

I look at her.? I look at my notebook.? See, I’m trying to do the thing that I wanted to do today.? And the fairy has been distracting me and now she wants to me get involved in this boulder-transformation process but really I need to do the thing that I want to do today.

Fairy moves to stand between me and my notebook.

Look, I don’t know how to turn boulders into wings.

But you’ve got the magic.

I know.? But it’s, like, I don’t know, everything is off today and I just want to do the thing that I wanted to do today.

Well, you’d be doing it if you wanted to be doing it.? I’m here because you’re not doing it.? I came here to help you do it.


A little help with the boulders?

I’m sorry fairy, I don’t know how to transform boulders into wings.? I don’t even know how to do the thing I want to do today.

Oh that.? You can do that.? You can do THAT in your sleep.? You’re not doing it not because you don’t know how.? You’re not doing it because of the boulders.? You need the boulders transformed as much as I do.


(long silence)

Yeah, ok.? Let’s explore.? I reach around the fairy to grab my notebook and open it up to a fresh new page:

BOULDERS: heavy, earth-bound

WINGS: light, fly-sky

So bounders and wings are kind of the opposite of each other.? What made the wings become their opposite?

Fairy holds up a mirror and sure enough, I am the opposite of myself.

(long silence)


(long silence)

I turn to a fresh page in my journal: I need a re-me-i-fier.

A clear glass chamber appears and I step in.? There are all these buttons I can press.? Stillness seems like the best one to try, so I hit Stillness and I am transported to the park, in the early early morning.? Birds are singing, ducks are swimming and I am still.? I breathe it in.

Next I try Creative.? I am transported over to the other side of the Dream Loft, surrounded by driftwood and papier mache and paints.? I’m inspired and excited and alive.? I breath it in.

I am me again.

And the fairy flies away.

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