Feature: Tery Brouwer Her Story Insta Story project on healing from domestic abuse

Tery used the You Can Do This Guided Journal to help her figure out this project idea she had, and now she's doing it!

In Tery's words:

After leaving my abusive relationship, I needed to heal and the best way for me was to share my story.

I wrote an article about my experience with Domestic Violence, but it didn't go over well. So, I let it go.

Recently, I've been journaling about an awareness project and started writing again.

I decided to bring back my story but in a different way. I revamped and edited my work and created an "Insta Storybook!"

Being a writer, I wanted to share my story and not sell it. So, I created and designed an Insta Storybook Project.

Once a day, I share my story, one page at a time (with a picture), and share it over at Instagram. Sharing it once a day gives the readers time to read it: as a way to showcase each page in a timely manner. I created a "Book Cover" and in the end, I will create a back cover just like an actual book. The title of the Insta Storybook is called, "Behind Closed Doors," and I refer to it as "Her Story." Sharing our story allows others to not feel so alone because, in the end, our story is theirs."

Check it out here, on Tery's instagram page. Click on the "her story" featured story to see it.

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