Member Feature: Jodie Benveniste’s Inner Insight

I love to share the amazing things the members of Dream Book are doing!

Meet Jodie Beneviste and her new program, Inner Insight:

Inner Insight is a step-by-step personal change process that's powerful and empowering.

It teaches a deeper approach to self-understanding, a step-by-step personal change process and a new way of being in the world.

It's grounded in the evidence-based therapy Internal Family Systems.

It recognises that the more stresses, responsibilities and demands we're facing in our external world, the more attention we need to pay to our inner world.

It also offers a way to, quite naturally, access more of our innate creativity, confidence, courage and compassion.

If you've had a year (or two) and you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated or quick to anger, and that's not how or who you want to be, or you’re looking for a way to work through creative blocks or access more of your creative energy, then let me introduce you to the…

...Inner Insight Program

You can try it for free right here.

Member Feature: Jodie Benveniste\'s Inner Insight
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