Dive deep into reflection and intention-setting for the New Year.

Every day for the month of December I'll sharing 60 second meditation video and journal prompt.

This is free! It will be posted on my blog and social media accounts from Dec 1-31. (InstagramFacebook. Subscribe to my blog to get the posts sent to your inbox - sign up is at the bottom of the sidebar of the blog)

Space to reflect and learn. Release and grow. Dream, set clear intentions and get ready to welcome 2024 in the exact right way for you.

It's hard to keep setting new intentions for each New Year if you're not taking the time to reflect on and learn from what happened with your plans for the year that is ending. By taking some time to reflect on the year that has passed, you're gathering up the gifts and lessons so you can use them to fill your new year with everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Do this in whatever way fits for you.

You can do the meditation with me in 60 seconds or stay in it longer.

You can take the question into your day and ponder it while doing your thing, or sit with your journal and write it all out.

✨The goal✨

  • CHILL THE FUCK OUT and not get into so much "holiday craziness"
  • Process and release the hard parts of the year that is ending
  • Make space for what you want to receive in the new year

🦄🌈You can get all the prompts in a hand-drawn printable guided journal for $9USD.

This is a very simple, black + white journal with lots of space for YOU and your creative magic.

It’s cheap to print and then fill with your colours, art, collage, doodles and words.

31 pages of prompts, hand drawn, like this:


Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024 Guided Journal
USD $9.00
USD $9.00

✨ If you're a member of Dream Book - don't buy this! You already have access to it through your membership. Get it here.

Plus LOADS of extras for Dream Book members!

(The doors are open - you can join us here!)

Dream Book members get the printable journal and we can use the private forum to share our thoughts, ideas and questions - this work is SO much better done in community.

And we'll doing this work in a much deeper way in two separate calls: Goodbye 2023 Releasing Ceremony and Hello 2024 Dream Blessing Ceremony.

🌈 In Goodbye 2022 we'll do an alchemy meditation for releasing everything that would hold us back from creating the new year we want.

🦄 In Hello 2023 we'll do an alchemy meditation for clarifying and blessing our dreams for new year.

These will be 90 minute Zoom calls with lots of time for coaching, Q+A and having rich discussions about what we're ready to let go of and where we want our dreams to take us in the new year.

* Replays included, with a comments section where you can ask questions, share your thoughts and get support after the live call.

I do believe that your dream is your sacred calling and I would love to help you answer it.

Inside Dream Book you get live calls with me but if the times don’t work (they are usually at 1:pm Central, North America as this seems to reach most of the world - we have regular attendees from North America, Europe and New Zealand) you can email me any time!

I am not one of these “four hour workweek internet business people”. I LOVE this work and want to help you succeed.

I want you to know - you already have everything inside you that you need to succeed.

Your dream DOES come with instructions because it is your sacred calling. It’s just that your dream needs you to grow and heal alongside the outer work in order to hear instructions for your next steps and this all gets confusing!

So doing the work in community is so helpful. Hearing other people share their experiences each month is healing! 

If you don’t have a lot of support for your dreams in your “real life” know that this is really common! The people closest to us can be really invested in our NOT changing and NOT growing, and the people who love us the most can have the hardest time supporting our dreams.

I am honoured that I get to do this sacred work of supporting people with their dreams.

I feel strongly that this is a part of the work that helps us heal and change the world. I dream of a world where everyone is free to pursue their dreams.

You will find lots of activists inside the Dream Book membership. We believe in climate change. We are anti-racist. We are opposed to all hate - including transphobia and homophobia. I am concerned about how many life coaches and spiritual teachers are preaching alt-right conspiracy theories instead of examining their own unconscious privilege and trying to make the world better for everyone by addressing the impacts of the systems of oppression that we live in.

I would love to work with you inside Dream Book. If you have any questions at all - just email me right here. I’m happy to help you figure out if Dream Book is a good fit for you.

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Goodbye 2023 Hello 2024! Guided Journal