Vulnerability: Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice

By Andrea Schroeder | May 31, 2023

Our next Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice call will be June 8 and the theme will be vulnerability. (These calls happen every month inside Dream Book)

When I first announced this theme, one person asked something like “But can’t we just show up and say hi? Do we really have to get vulnerable in our marketing?” And I realised I needed more of an explanation.

NO you absolutely do not have to “get vulnerable” in your marketing!

But for a lot of us, ANY kind of marketing, ANY kind of visibility FEELS vulnerable. And that discomfort with feeling that vulnerable can keep us from wanting our work to be more visible in the world.

So how do we handle it?

There are actually a lot of things you can do - from the practical to the esoteric, which we will explore on the call on June 8.

Approaching marketing as a creative and spiritual practices gives you space to really explore this, understand your own feelings and needs and get creative about what to do with it all.

I’ve been doing Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice call every month since November. This has helped me shift my inner relationship with marketing.

I’m 2010 when I decided to turn this work, which I had been doing evenings and weekends while working a “real job” lol, into my livelihood, I did take a lot of business classes to help me figure out how to do this.

Most of these were through a spiritual and/or creative lens. So - learning conventional marketing and sales tactics but through a lens of “how do we do this in a way that in in alignment with our values and feels creatively alive?”

But still - starting with a conventional approach to marketing and sales and then making adjustments to make it fit better.

And I won’t pretend like that didn’t help me, of course it did. And I still have my class available - the Creative Business Incubator - where I share how I set up my business in the first year.

But now I’m wondering - what if don’t need to start with that conventional approach to marketing and sales?

What if we start from a place of trusting our gifts? And trusting ourselves with our gifts? And trusting our own creative instincts about how to share those gifts?

That stirs up a lot of stuff. It definitely feels VULNERABLE AF.

Starting from conventional sales and marketing tactics can feel like a bit of a safety net. “Well this works for people so it should work for me”

Except we all know things that used to work don’t work as more anymore.

The market has changed. The economy has changed. The world has changed.

And I don’t believe we should be taking huge risks with our livelihoods. But I also believe that we need to make space to explore this. While things are changing so much - what else could change?

I believe you are a trustworthy steward of your gifts and that a part of HAVING those gifts is HAVING the ability to offer them in a way that they can be received.

AND I believe that this is a skill that takes time to develop. You took time to develop other aspects of your gifts, this one needs time too.

Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual practice asks you to sit with all of this. To listen to your own values about how you put your work out there. To get creative about how to share all of magic that you have to offer.

I’m having such a great time on these calls. I hope to see you at the next one.

(If you join now, you can still get the replays from past calls! I suggest watching at least the first one before attending this class)

I’m 49 today. Welcome to my birthday journaling.

By Andrea Schroeder | May 4, 2023

I woke up feeling so grateful for my life.

The older I get, the trippier life gets and I am so here for this.

I've been reflecting on this last year but also this last decade, since this is my last year in my 40s. And then looking ahead to this new year but also this new decade I'll be starting. My 40s were so different from my 30s and I look forward to my 50s being completely different again.

I sincerely hope that this is my mid-point and I have 50 more years here. The older I get, the more attached I am to this life, and this world. I don't believe that death is THE end, but it is the end of this particular experience and I am just really attached to this one. This whole world is such a miracle.

I can't even explain how grateful I am to past-me for all of the hard work and risks she took to build the life I get to enjoy today.

I don't think of myself as a business owner or creative entrepreneur anymore.

Since I was 20 my art was about encouraging all of us to believe in our ourselves and our dreams because I desperately wanted to find a way to believe in myself and my dreams. I felt called, strongly, to be my most authentic self but I had no map showing me how to do this. Following this calling lead me to become a spiritual teacher, and develop my skills as a facilitator and healer. Bringing this all together into a business that could support me meant I could further deeper and expand my gifts because it was my full time thing.

And at this point, after over 12 years of doing this as my full time thing, it feels like the Creative Dream Incubator is less a business I run and more a sturdy supportive foundation for me to live my life as my true self, which is what's at the core of all creative dreams.

So going forward, I think of myself as an artist, writer and mentor.

This changes how I see myself, how I create routines, set goals, and move projects forward.

All in, I spent four years developing my Dream Book program and the Creative Dream Alchemy processes that it draws from to navigate the inner and outer work of following our inner callings. I created that map I needed when I was younger.

Online business people talk about building programs like this in order to scale up, but for me it's not about that. It's about having a study container, and not having to re-build it each time with each group. The people who have been with me in Dream Book for years keep going deeper and deeper. It's such a beautiful space - not so much for me to "scale up my business" but for people to go deeper and be braver with their dreams and to navigate all of the healing and growth this entails.

I don't have the words to explain how grateful I am to have this container to help me with what I want to do in my 50s.

(If you're not in Dream Book yet, join us here! You deserve this magic and support too)

The last few years have been hard. But here, today, turning 49, I feel like I have come back to myself, and I have come back to my strengths, and I just want to live the fuck out of whatever years I have ahead of me.

The creative process is HEALING and TRANSFORMATIVE and so I have to let it change things

By Andrea Schroeder | April 21, 2023

(These updates will slow down now, my husband and I are going away for a few days next week to celebrate our anniversary, and I find there's always a burst of creative energy at the start of doing something new, and then I settle into a routine with it and everything settles down, which is what I feel happening here. I assume I'll be updating a few times a week.)

That love for my project (from the last update) starts to drip into my heart. Warm sticky light.

And then I know:

I know what I want it to be ABOUT.

But I need to get more clear on what I want it to DO.

Later in the day I am thinking about how TRANSFORMATIVE and HEALING the creative process is.

And how we push back against transformation and healing when we push through to get the outer results/timing that we want.

And how I want to be here for the transformation and healing, not only for myself, but to pour those qualities into the book so they can be received by anyone who works with it.

I’m not writing a book/journal, I am creating a container. It’s what I’ve been doing with my courses for over a dozen years and I know I can do it in book/journal format, too.

So all this means that I need to not try to control the outcome.

I need to LISTEN. To the soul of the project but also to all of my own thoughts and feelings.

And here’s a thought I’d rather ignore:

I think all the pages I’ve shared so far from this book (including the pages ready to go in my Instagram drafts) aren’t actually pages for the book. I think this might just be the writing + artwork that gets me to a place of being ready to begin.

I hope not, but I am willing for it to be true because I want to follow this process where it leads and not try to control it.

So I go back to letting the love I have for the project drop into my heart.

And the knowing that this brings that I need to focus on what I want this book/journal to DO...

This immediately feels uncomfortable because I think I am trying to DO too many things.

And I think this means what I really need to do is break this down into a series of books. Which is always what I was doing, this was the first in a series, but what feels like it is changing is that I need to break it down much more than I was thinking. Like each book is maybe three books.

The idea that is asserting itself the most strongly is: a guidebook for engaging with impossible dreams.

If I make it more specific like this, then it’s easier to create the container.

My next steps: revisit all of the writing, look at it through this lens, see what happens.

Asking the soul of my book for help

By Andrea Schroeder | April 20, 2023

I ended my last update with three things:

  • I need this book to stay simple. A beginning book/journal about Creative Dreaming as a Practice.
  • How do I put this book into order, and give it some shape, and keep it simple?
  • Or am I not at that part yet? Should I just keep making pages and exploring my ideas?

I still don’t have any new thoughts/answers about this. So I am having a meeting with the soul of the book.

(For Dream Book members, I use the Dream Lab practice, and meet the soul of the project instead of the soul of the book)

The soul of the book shows up as… as book.

The book opens up and invites people in. Once people accept the invitation, it pulls them in deep, into this surprising new world.

It’s whimsical and magical and helps them see more clearly into themselves.

So I say: My thought was to keep it simple, but now that I see you, it feels like maybe I was off?

The soul of the book says: I am not simple but I am also not complicated, I am neither, I am magic.

Me: Right, that makes sense. I guess I brought in the idea of simple because the process feels so complicated right now.

The soul of the book says: Remember that the process and the book are two different things.

Me: That feels obvious. And it also feels like there is a clue in there, something I am not seeing.

The soul of the book: Your work here is VERY complicated. You are holding space - I mean CREATING SPACE THAT HOLDS SPACE really - for the people reading/doing the book/journal to create a whole new way of relating to their dreams. You need to let YOUR work be as difficult and complicated as it needs to be, in order to create this space properly. But you are ready, you know how to do this, and some parts will be difficult, like this part where you’re not sure how to proceed.

Me: So, how do I proceed?

The soul of the book: Where is your love for this project?

Me: I don’t know. Let me see…. 

(Scanning my body for the love I have for this project)

Seems like it’s mostly in my head.

The soul of the book: Right. So you know it needs to come down. Into your heart and body.


(Trying to bring it down, but it’s like very very very thick honey. Sticky. Moving down at a glacial pace. I put a magnet in my heart to try to draw it in but I can’t quite get the honey (love) to touch my heart. I realize I am trying to rush through this, so I give myself more time to sit with it)

OK, my heart is starting to soften and open. It feels worried because this work will go out to a different group of people than my other work (Dream Book). There is a fear of being misunderstood.

The soul of my book: Well that’s not exactly an unfounded fear. Of course some people will misunderstand.

Me: Yeah. So how do I stay soft and open and also feel protected/ready to be misunderstood?

The soul of my book: Feels like that is your next step?

Me: But I wanted like a next step kind of next step.

The soul of my book: Well that’s ridiculous, don’t you teach people to always take the step that’s in front of them and not the step they wish was in front of them?

Me: Yup. Doesn’t mean I like hearing it any more than my clients do.

The soul of my book: You want to see outer progress.

Me: Desperately.

The soul of my book: Give this one day. Or two. Sit with your question: how do I stay soft and open and also feel protected/ready to be misunderstood? You know that this work creates a different foundation for the book to come to life, and you need this foundation.

Me: Yes, I do. Also, since I do want to do some outer work today, like writing and organizing, I can work on a different project.

The soul of my book: Perfect!

I love the pages I have written but I am struggling to put them all together.

By Andrea Schroeder | April 19, 2023

Dream Book

This is a common theme for me, because the process of Creative Dreaming is entirely non-linear.

And even when we say we know it’s non-linear, we all tend to approach it looking for a linear path.

I mean the metaphor most people use is the spiral path.

But the spiral path is both linear AND directional. The line goes in a smooth, calm spiral.

Creative Dreaming is more an explosion than a spiral.

And that explosion creates new possibilities and destroys others and it’s disorienting but also life-giving. It’s like the creation of our galaxy.

Really beautiful things can come out of the messiest places. And also - sometimes things die, sometimes things are hard. It’s messy.

It feels like there is this whole industry out there trying to convince us that we don’t need to be messy. We can just manifest everything we want without ever knowing how we actually feel about anything. Which I think is a manifestation of our deep collective fears of being in the mess of life.

But I can’t make a book that is in the shape of an explosion.

I need to have pages, and the pages need to be in some kind of order.

I can encourage you to just open it up to a random page and work through it that way.

But I still have to put them into an order. Unless I print them out and pile them up and pick pages, like picking oracle cards, and put them into order that way?

That’s interesting.

I could also make little maps that guide you through in different ways.

The thing about a Creative Dream Practice is that it’s ALIVE. Once you’re in it, you can follow it and it won’t steer you wrong.


Getting into and then staying in it when things are hard, that’s the challenge.

That’s what I help people do in Dream Book. I know this book can’t do everything I do in Dream Book, but I want it to offer a way in, a new way of connecting with your dreams and navigating possibilities.

Because I have been doing this work for so long, and I’ve gone so deep into it, it can be hard for me to just keep things simple. I mean, Dream Book is a two year program and that’s if you’re going as fast as possible for two whole years. Most people take much longer, but by the time they get there, they’ve grown so much and so much has changed that it makes sense to start again at the beginning with their new dreams.

But this can’t be that!

  • I need this book to stay simple. A beginning book/journal about Creative Dreaming as a Practice.
  • How do I put this book into order, and give it some shape, and keep it simple?
  • Or am I not at that part yet? Should I just keep making pages and exploring my ideas?

Sometimes I end my practice with a few new questions and no new answers.

Your voice deserves to be heard

By Andrea Schroeder | April 18, 2023

I started blogging and sharing my work online around 2008. I turned that into a full time business in 2010.

It was easier then. There is no question about that.

There were enough people blogging and being on social media that there were opportunities for online business… but not so many people that it was hard to be seen in the crowd.

And the algorithms were just babies then. Not the full grown monsters they are today. I could go on and on about that so I’ll just say that I feel pretty UGH about social media a lot of the time… 

But this is a place where people connect. This is a place where ideas are shared and your ideas deserve to be a part of the conversation.

Your voice deserves to be heard. Your ideas matter. Your work is important. 

If you just stop sharing them in these places… that’s no good. It means these places become even more filled with even more of the inane nonsense that the algorithm likes to uplift.


I am offering Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual practice as a monthly call for this for all of 2023. Together, we are practicing listening to our deepest inspiration about how to put ourselves out there in a way that serves the soul of our work.

This is available to all members of Dream Book. Join us here. 

Making changes along the way

By Andrea Schroeder | April 17, 2023

Last week I said I was going to start sharing the book I am writing, as I go. I said I would post it on my social media and blog.

I did that last week, I did two posts and both times I wasn’t happy with the process of putting it on my blog.

Posting on Instagram felt great. I have a bunch of drafts ready to go in there, and the process of getting those drafts ready felt flowy and fun. Posting the drafts felt great.

But then going over to my blog, to share the same thing there, didn’t feel great. My body felt heavy. The work felt annoying. Even though it was the same work! Which is fascinating to me.

So I sat with that feeling and asked “Is this a sign I shouldn’t do this? Not share these things on my blog?”

And in the grand scheme of things, who even cares?

But, I care. I wanted to share it on my blog to have it on MY website and not just out in the social media ethers. And I always like to do what I said I would do, and I said I would do this.

But when I check in with how this feels in my body, my body does not care about either of these things. It cares about how uncomfortable it has been to get these blogs together, and how much it would rather be doing other things. It’s just giving a big NO.

That was the first post. I decided to try again for the second post, and see how that went. It went the same, and now here I am.

My head says: OMG this takes like two minutes, just do it. In all the work you’ve done to build your business this is hardly the most annoying thing! And you always ENJOYED doing even the annoying admin tasks because you’re doing it in service to your work! Where’s that attitude now?

I say: I don’t appreciate the attitude or you trying to boss me into doing it, but that is a good question. Why don’t I want to do this in service to this project?

The thing about approaching Creative Dreaming as a PRACTICE is that there is space to explore all of this, there is space for ALL thoughts and feelings.

You don’t just push through and focus on the outer work and getting things done, making visible progress. You make space to find YOUR way of creating YOUR path.

You try your ideas to find out how they fit and work for you!

This idea is not working for me.

If I stop doing it, that’s not a “I tried to do it, got uncomfortable, and gave up, and I am sure I will never get my dream now” kind of thing.

If I stop doing it, it’s a “I tried my idea, I processed my thoughts and feelings about it, I listened to my intuition and the soul of my dream, together we learned from these steps I took and used that learning to map out different steps to try next” kind of thing.

And THAT is how you make the magic happen.

THAT is how you practice your way there.

So, when I do all of this, here is the next idea that emerges:

I’m going to stop posting the little-book-blurbs-in process on my blog. I will keep posting them on Instagram. On my blog, I will write about the process of writing the book.

Write about the writing!

This feels curious and inspiring. My body feels open, light and sparkly. No part of me is against this idea. The soul of my dream is cheering for it.

So this is what I’ll do next.

And maybe I’ll do this two times and be all “oh wow this sucks” again or maybe this will be a really great thing for me. The outcome of any particular step doesn’t matter because I know I will stay in the process long enough to get to where I want to go.

It’s so much easier to stay in the process when you embrace and make space for all feelings and reactions. And it’s kind of ironic that pushing yourself to get to the finish line often pushes the finish line to far away it gets impossible to get there.

PS: I just posted the next blurb.

Having a practice

By Andrea Schroeder | April 14, 2023

Having a practice means to do something regularly or repeatedly.

In the most practical sense practicing improves skills.

So once you are practicing, anything is possible because you keep improving.

You show up, do a thing, make mistakes, get inspired to try new things, learn and grow.

A Creative Dream Practice is all this and more.

It is a container for:


It holds space for new possibilities to emerge.


I am writing a book/journal about how we need to PRACTICE our creative dreams. Which includes practicing the healing and growth and creativity that gets us there. And then how once we have a practice, that practice becomes a CONTAINER for healing, growth, creativity and magic. Once we have a practice, that practices helps us access everything we need.

When I say I've been writing a book - I mean by hand, drawing each page. It's a slow process but I am having so much fun. As I do this, I'll be sharing posts on Instagram and here on my blog. 

In the beginning it’s like this…

By Andrea Schroeder | April 13, 2023

When you look to where you want to be, there is no path.

Just an impossible chasm and no way to cross it.

This is how dreams begin.

When you're not engaging with your dreams it easy for them to feel impossible.

Once you are engaged, the magic happens and possibilities begin to emerge.

How do you engage with a thing that feels impossible?




I am writing a book/journal about how we need to PRACTICE our creative dreams. Which includes practicing the healing and growth and creativity that gets us there. And then how once we have a practice, that practice becomes a CONTAINER for healing, growth, creativity and magic. Once we have a practice, that practices helps us access everything we need.

When I say I've been writing a book - I mean by hand, drawing each page. It's a slow process but I am having so much fun. As I do this, I'll be sharing posts on Instagram and here on my blog. This is the first one.

This is the start of my next phase

By Andrea Schroeder | April 12, 2023

My "post" pandemic, peri-menopause "I am too sensitive for this world", running-a-micro-business-in-late-stage-capitalism-while-the-climate-is-changing-in-terrifying-ways self has a harder time getting things organized than my pre-2016 self.

I did a whole therapy session last week outlining these differences, the events that happened that changed things for me, the things I learned and the ways I grew, and what I want to DO with all of this now.

I'm also feeling inspired from watching The Last Of US and thinking of all the different ways of living we can create post-collapse. Ten years ago, when I thought about the economy falling apart, I didn't know how I could contribute to re-building. I thought that all of my REAL skills, the work I do with the Creative Dream Incubator would be needed but not urgent and I might focus on making things, like sewing clothing for people out of salvaged materials.

But now I see how urgent it is that we, collectively, get better at listening to our inner truth and having the courage and capacity to live our values.

It will be the difference between dystopia and building a better world for everyone.

In 2016, in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump, I started to learn what white supremacy really is and how it's functioning in our world today, and I pulled back from a lot of the work I was doing.

That's when I started to see it, how we needed new ways of doing things if we want a new world. I started to see how all of the training and development I put into growing my skills for this work was done from within extremely problematic ways of being. That the white supremacist, ableist, capitalist, colonialist ways of seeing the world that our culture was built on are just as present in healing circles and coaching programs as they are anywhere else. These are the invisible systems that hold up our culture and they will remain there until we learn to see them and work to tear them down.

I learned to start to see the ways my work was rooted in all of these things that I, myself, never wanted. It's like a fish not knowing what water is. We're swimming in it, and it takes work to cultivate an awareness of it.

So in 2016 I started to look for a better way to offer Creative Dream Coaching.

I still believed that getting better at LISTENING to own selves and having the tools, skills and support to be BRAVER in how we live our values is one of the things that is going to help save the world.

But some of the tools I learned for this work were about spiritual bypass even while I was consciously trying to not do that, some were about leaning unconsciously into privilege and calling it grace, many were ableist and all were appropriated, cherry-picked from other cultures and taken completely out of context.

From 2016 to 2019 I worked on finding better ways, and that culminated in the Dream Book program. Essentially, Dream Book helps you create a PRACTICE for Creative Dreaming to help you navigate the space between where you are and where you want to be.

While I've been thrilled, moved, healed and delighted to do this work every day with the people in Dream Book, I've been flailing around trying to figure out how I want the Creative Dream Incubator to show up outside of this program.

I mean, I pulled back in 2016. The internet was a different place back then. The world was a different place back then.

So diving back in to "being more visible online" has been tricky.

But, after all of this flailing, I am now feeling clear and somewhat sure about how I want to do this.

I've been writing a book. So far it's called


And who knows how many other names will come to me as I work on it and what name it will end up with.

It's about how we need to PRACTICE our creative dreams. Which includes practicing the healing and growth and creativity that gets us there.

And then how once we have a practice, that practice becomes a CONTAINER for healing, growth, creativity and magic.

Once we have a practice, that practices helps us access everything we need.

What I want to do is share this book as I write it.

In the past, when I would do any kind of free offering I had it all planned out in advance. I stepped into it feeling like I knew what it was and I knew what I was doing.

I want to do this different.

I want to be in the magic of it. And share as I go even though I don't know exactly WHERE I am going, I do trust the process.

When I say I've been writing a book - I mean by hand, drawing each page. It's a slow process but I am having so much fun and I can't wait to start sharing the drawings.

I'll start by sharing posts on Instagram and here on my blog. And then see where this takes us.

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