How do I be grounded, stable, empowered, expansive and creative in my relationship with money...

... while the economy and world are so unstable?

grow hands

Wherever you are right now, you can plant seeds for a brighter future.

While the world is in flux, your creative dreams can be a stabilizing force, to bring more goodness, creativity, healing and justice into your life and the world around you.


When the world is in flux, really trusting and following your dreams can feel tricker than ever.

Join us to sit with the questions and make space for new possibilities to find you.

This is a healing circle and coaching call. We'll do alchemy meditations, journaling processes and there will be time to ask questions and get coached.

This call will give you space to explore what's going on your relationship with money and call in what you need now.

Having a stable relationship with money when the world is unstable is happening live on Zoom on Nov 2 at 1:00pm (Central, North America).

It will be recorded, and the replay has a comments section below it so you can add your thoughts, ideas and questions and we can continue to explore together after the live event.

It's happening inside Dream Book, which costs $33/month (USD).

This class alone is worth more than 1 month membership - and you can check out everything else while you're there, including my Creative With Money class!

**It's easy peasy to cancel your membership, there's a cancel button in your account. You don't have to send an awkward email or wait a certain number of days. Dream Book is a subscription-based membership because this is the most accessible way for me to offer my work. It simplifies things for me to keep admin costs low and so I can focus on doing the work with whoever is choosing to show up.

Having a stable relationship with money when the world is unstable. Live on Zoom Nov 2.

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