Hearts + Souls Are Real. Or – How I’m Preparing For Next Week’s Free Tele-Class Series.

So next week I’m hosting free tele-classes all week long!? (Click here for details and to sign up)


This week I’m getting all the final details together, which is not my favourite kind of work to do.? I am more about visioning and and planning – sorting out a gazillion details is kind of tiring for me.

So I’m taking it slow – step by step.

I’m connecting often with the heart and soul of the tele-classes – who is sometimes a bouncing heart with wings and sometimes a swirling pink ball of delight.

The heart and soul of the tele-classes is so excited to get YOU excited about your possibilities.

That’s all it wants, and so it doesn’t care so much about the details.

Which is really interesting in those moments when I feel stressed or nervous about those details.

The truth is, I know that even if some things go wrong the calls will be awesome – I mean look at the list of guests!? With them and me and YOU there – we’re obviously going to have a great time.

When I bring my stress and nervousness to the heart and soul of the tele-classes, it just beams love.

It asks me to put down my expectations and let go of the places where I want to control things so I am sure about how they will go and just soften into the experience of it.

And then it reminds me that it’s got this.

Hearts and souls are real.

They are energy fields that we can work with.? (More on this in my free e-course, Give Your Dream Wings)

That we can work WITH.? Meaning – they can do some of the work.

So I’m trusting the energy field to hold the experience of the tele-classes.

This includes holding me as I work out the details.

Holding the guests as they prepare.

Holding you, helping you get what you want and need from the calls.

I don’t have to do it all myself.

The heart and soul of the tele-classes is a powerful energy field that can send me reminders and ease and clarity and whatever else I need.? It’s got everyone’s best interests at heart and knows how to bring itself to life.

I don’t have to do it all myself, in fact it’s better that I don’t.

And every time I feel nervous or stressed it’s because I’m forgetting this.

So I’m going to work on remembering.


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