Hello 2014, Hello Dream

The next session of the Creative Dream Incubator is starting on January 28.

your dream is waiting for you to come true

This class has helped hundreds of dreamers bring their dreams to life and now it’s YOUR turn!

This year I’m doing things a little differently, you get the Creative Dream Incubator e-course (along with EVERY other e-course I run this year) when you join the Creative Dream Circle.

Not only does this mean you get a HUGE cost savings, you also get a whole YEAR of creative dream support!

Plus, you’ll get the Creative BUSINESS Incubator plug-in along with the Creative Dream Incubator.

If your dream does NOT include making a living from your creative soul work, you can ignore this part (it happens in a separate group so you won’t get overwhelmed with business stuff that you’re not interested in).

If your dream does include making a living from your creative soul work, you’re going to LOVE the Creative Business Incubator!

It’s not one of those sleazy “make a zillion dollars online in 3 easy steps” kind of things.

It is an honest and vulnerable sharing of what I have learned while taking my creative soul work from thing-I-do-on-the-side to thing-that-supports-me-financially.

How it Works:

The Creative Dream Incubator e-course will happen inside the Creative Dream Circle. It includes:

The amazing Creative Dream Incubator 6 week e-course (playbooks, videos and audio meditations, up the wazoo!). We’ll be exploring this together in the Creative Dream Circle forum where I will be VERY active, answering your questions and offering my support as you bring your gorgeous dream to life.

The Creative BUSINESS Incubator plug in (additional playbooks and resources plus hours and hours of videos about how to apply the principles of Creative Dream Incubation to growing your business)

Group coaching call to close out the course. While I will be active on the forum answering your questions all the way along, this is a chance to ask me questions directly while we’re on the phone, or get coached through any tight spots you may find yourself in. If you can’t attend live, you can email me your questions and I’ll answer on the call. This will happen on Tuesday, March 11 at 2pm, Central. (There will be a recording)

Plus a WHOLE YEAR of follow-up support in the Creative Dream Circle, including access to all of the other courses I run in 2014.? For just $100.

The right time to start bringing your dream to life is NOW.

This class is specially designed for creative, soulful dreamers – to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing path to bringing a dream to life.

If you like my videos and my blog – you’re going to flip over the Creative Dream Incubator.

Ready to make some MAGIC?
Click here to join the Creative Dream Circle today.

PS: Join me for my FREE Live Stream Creative Dream Journal Play date tomorrow!

creative journal course

It?s happening January 7, at 2pm (Central, North America).

You can participate from anywhere in the world, via the web.

You can participate live, or play along with the recording.

I?ll be leading you through a process of connecting with the heart & soul of your dream (for more on this, check out the Keys to Successful Creative Dreaming audio on the Creative Dream Circle Initiation page).

Then we?ll explore and discover what kind of magic your dream has in store for you.

You?ll be able to ask questions by typing them into the text box, or if you?re brave and want some coaching (and if you?ve got a web cam) ? you can come on the live webcast.? (If you?re thinking you may want to go for that ? please have headphones handy)

Join the email list for your invite (you?ll also get my free Creative Dream Starter Kit to play with):

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps