Holding space for your dreams + growth means holding space for the awkward and uncomfortable parts too

Holding space for your dreams + growth means holding space for the awkward and uncomfortable parts too

I am coming out of my pandemic overwhelm.

Yesterday my therapist confirmed it: I am much more grounded and am showing tons of signs of growth.

I really love how she notices and reflects back to me the ways I am growing.

And now that I am more clear-headed I can see that I haven't been holding the threads very well.

When you pursue any kind of dream or creative project or growth of any kind - there are lots of threads.

The way I teach it, there are three paths and you need to be working on all three to get to where you want to be:

Dream Work: the ways your dream wants to grow you, the inner gifts you need to activate and nurture, the person you become as you do this thing
Inner Work: healing and transforming the places where you hold back from the inner growth and outer work needed to do this thing
Outer Work: the stuff you need to DO, the ways you create space in your life for this thing to happen

You have things to learn in each of these areas.

You have changes to make in each of these areas.

These are the threads.

At last month's New Moon Alchemy + Coaching Circle,  I was given the quality: unencumbered.

As I explore this quality I find it has really startling things to teach me about how to get to where I want to be.

That's a thread.

At the free class Sooth. Restore. Grow.  (you can still watch the replay and I highly recommend it!) I was given the qualities of trust and stability and shown how they can help soothe the places in me that feel I don't deserve what I want, and so work behind the scenes to sabotage my success.

That's a thread.

In my meditation yesterday morning I was given this clear inspiration of what steps to take next to reach my goal.

That's a thread.

Each fear I have about my dream is a thread.

Every story I tell myself about why I'm not ready is a thread.

There are so many threads.

I made the Dream Book journaling system as a way of holding the threads better, because everything you avoid/ignore/"don't have time for" holds you back.

But it's not foolproof. It needs you show up for it to work.

And I WAS showing up in some ways, and then NOT showing up in other ways. There are so many layers and our resistance gets SO sneaky.

I mean - who WANTS to remain aware of all of their fears and all of the places where they hold back and face all these uncomfortable feelings?

OF COURSE we drop the threads.

This is all just a part of the process of growth.

And the Dream Book system IS working because it DOES keep reminding me of the threads I drop.

AND because it helps you hold the more fun threads too - the threads inspiration and ideas and all the ways you are growing into your dream.

So I'm inspired now to explore new ways of holding the threads even better. To more get creative and playful with HOW I am holding all of it.

And I'm going to check in with this every day in the Dream Book mastermind - as a form of accountability for me, to show you new ways to work with your threads.

Join me here.


Holding space for your dreams + growth means holding space for the awkward and uncomfortable parts too

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