Tiny Fairy Tales are stories from my journal where I work with the Un-Sticking Station (inside the Creative Dream Circle) to help me sort out and smooth out what’s going on in my inner world.


Hopelessness is a big bug.

It’s so big it covers your whole day and oozes sticky slime onto it.? The sticky slime makes it so hard for you to see possibilities and good things and sometimes, sometimes it even makes it hard to breath.

But if you look it in the eye, you can see that it doesn’t mean to be an asshole.

It’s just scared. And your day was a safe space for it to land and take cover from the monsters.

So let’s build it a sanctuary so it has somewhere else to go.

The Hopelessness Sanctuary.

A place full of soft blankets and warm pools and soft sunshine.? Healing salves and and a good strong hand to hold and tiny little potions that make everything all better.

There’s a bar where the bartender always knows what you want, you don’t even have to ask for it or talk at all.

There’s a massage therapist who you would swear is a magician.

And a candy store full of delicious things totally taste like candy, but never, ever make you feel that ick of having eaten too much sugar.

There are tiny cheerleaders who celebrate every time you accomplish anything, even if it’s as small as getting out of bed.? They’re totally cheering for you right now.

When hopelessness feels safe and loved, it’s body starts to shrink, and then these huge, sparkling wings spring out.

And pouf.? It’s a giant dragonfly.

And you can hang out in the shade of its sparkling wings (the shade kind of sparkles too) and just breathe.

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