I’ve hit a wall.

Tiny Fairy Tales are stories from my journal where I work with the Un-Sticking Station (inside the Creative Dream Circle) to help me sort out and smooth out what’s going on in my inner world.


The pink haired fairy princess has not moved in days.

Why? Why is it so hard to move?

She can’t see anything.? With great effort, she starts to move her hands in front of her only to discover that she is flat up against a cool stone wall.

She looks down.? Oh.? She’s standing on a tiny ledge.? High up on the wall.

How did I get here?

Well, maybe it would be better to focus on the more pressing question… how are you going to get out of here?

The fairy princess isn’t sure who’s talking but is grateful for the advice.

Right, ok. I can’t go forward, I can’t go down…. hmm.? Maybe I can go up??

She reaches her hands up and sure enough, there is a ledge.? She grabs it, hoists herself up and finds herself staring into the kingdom of that-thing-she-wanted.

Oh right.? Now she remembers how she got up on this ledge.? Procrastination.? She had been poking around on facebook when she made one wrong click and found herself here.

She sits down and cries.

I want that thing that I want so badly.? But I can’t go down there.? They’ll all laugh at me, I won’t fit in, it’s not going to work, I don’t have time, I need to focus on something more productive.

Suddenly she wishes for the comfort of being flat up against the cool stone wall.? At least from there there was nothing she had to do and no one asking her to be brave.

Maybe I can just hop down there, quickly sneak out and go for lunch.

Lunch? You think lunch is going to help?

It’s that voice again.

I’m hungry, I don’t know how long I was pushing against that wall, but, yeah I think lunch will help.

What will it help you do?

Gather myself!

Gather… what?? You’re right here, aren’t you?? What needs gathering?

The fairy princess closes her eyes.

I need to gather my thoughts.? Figure out what to do.

Figure out what to do? You’re looking straight at the thing you want, and you want sulk away and figure out what to do about it? How about going over there and grabbing it?

Grabbing?!? It?

The fairy princess realises her invisible life coach is making some sense.? This is exactly what had been wanting to do, before she started procrastinating, before she started poking around on facebook

So now that she found it, why did she want to escape?

These “why” questions you ask yourself are not helping.? Trying to figure out why keeps you stuck in the situation.? Honey, you only have 2 choices: go grab the thing you want or go have lunch.? You can’t stay here.

The princess feels a kick on her back, turns around and sees a big chicken.

A chicken.? My life coach is a chicken.

Actually, it looks like YOU’RE the chicken.

I know I want it, I know it’s right there, but I’m scared… yeah, I’m chicken.

So why don’t you just go have lunch then?? If you’re a chicken then go be a chicken.

Happily eating her sandwich, sitting under a tree, the fairy princess felt much better.

Being a chicken is better than staying pressed up against the wall pretending not to be a chicken.

Baby steps.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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