How can you tell if YOUR dream is ready to grow?

How can you tell if your dream is ready to grow?

I have been getting so many questions lately from dreamers wondering… is my dream too small? Or too big?

Too vague?

Too selfish?

Too unlikely to come true so there is no point in even trying?

The answer is always no.? Your dream is not “too” anything.? Ever.

And the right time to get started is always NOW.

I know getting there will be a journey, but just imagine where you’ll be a year from now if you start today!

Here are some of the dreams that participants in the next session of the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course (starting tomorrow!) will be working on:

  • Figuring out how to step out of Corporate America and into something more creative and soul-FULL.
  • Exploring what it would mean to live as an Artist.
  • Creating a warm, welcoming home.
  • Discovering and creating conditions for thriving.
  • Bringing more love and kindness into everyday life.
  • Finding a partner.
  • Building a coaching business.
  • Creating a meditation practice.
  • To be more honest and real with myself.
  • To find my dream.

All dreams are delightful!? When you think about someone wanting to create these things in their lives, you just want to cheer for them, am I right?

A dream is anything that lights you up – from the tiniest slice of joy to the grandest life-changing adventure.

Your dream is perfect just as it is.? Just like you are.

It’s not too impossible.? It doesn’t take more time or money or talent or support than you have.

It just needs your commitment.

And your courage.

The Creative Dream Incubator e-Course starts tomorrow in the Creative Dream Circle!

I hope you (and your delightful dream!) will take the leap and join us.

If you’re on the fence and have some questions – shoot me an email using the contact form on this page.

The most common question I’m getting is:

When will you run this again?? I really want to join, but now is just not the right time.

If you want to join I encourage you to JOIN.

Waiting for “The Right Time” is self-sabotage.

Life is never going to slow down enough for you to magically have time for your dreams.? This is something you have to choose for yourself.

You’ll be happy to know that there is only one rule in the Creative Dream Incubator which is: YOU ARE NOT BEHIND. EVER.

You’ll get access to the course for a whole year.? You can take the teeniest tiniest baby steps with this and still get there in the end.

This isn’t about learning a bunch of stuff, this is about internal transformation.? You have to do that in your own time, at your own pace.

As I’ve said, it’s less a course and more a dream-growing bubble of love.? You can always fit a dream-growing bubble of love into your life somewhere!

And even if it takes you all year to work through this one course… well, a year from now:

  • You’ll have BIG, STRONG Creative Dreamer Muscles.
  • You’ll see more possibility and fewer obstacles in front of you.
  • You’ll understand what your dream needs in order to grow and you’ll know how to GIVE your dream what it needs to grow, without depleting yourself.
  • You’ll feel like a CREATIVE SUPERHERO.

But the answer to the question of when will I run this again is: I don’t know.

This is the fourth year I’ve been doing this course.? As a creative person, I’m sure you understand that don’t like doing the same thing again and again!

So far, I’ve made an exception for this course because it’s such a beautiful thing and because it’s been such a powerful way to help more creatives have a positive impact on their world.? I love how the Creative Dream Incubator makes the world a better place by empowering creative dreamers.

But it does take a LOT of time and energy for me to put on each session, and I have a lot of other things I want to do too, so I can’t say for sure that I will do this again.

So if you want to join I encourage you to JOIN.? The magic starts tomorrow.? It’s happening inside the Creative Dream Circle.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


Start today! Get access to ALL of my free classes* here:

*Included classes:


Your Next Steps: a journaling + meditation class for navigating your next steps with your dream.

Help! I'm Stuck!: a 4 day class for getting un-stuck and transforming your stuck energy into FUEL for your dream.

The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens: 80 minute healing circle and inner work workshop

Soothe*Restore*Grow: 80 minue deep dive into healing pandemic overwhelm and growing into your wildest dreams for what's next