There is no magic in the BUT


Today we start the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course inside the Creative Dream Circle.

Marketing experts would say that today is the day I’m supposed to write one last mind-blowing post to convince you that not signing up will be the biggest mistake of your life.

I’m not going to do that.

If you aren’t interested, I want to encourage you to trust your instincts and not join.? This isn’t for everyone!

Isn’t that kind of obvious?? I only want to play with people who want to play with me!

So if you’re not feeling that pull to join… that is totally OK – me and the Incubator are still sending you and your dream all the love.

What’s NOT OK is that so many people tell me they want to sign up BUT….

But I’m not sure I should spend money on dreams…

But I don’t know if I have enough time…

But I’m not sure I will fit in…

But what if I find out my dream is impossible…

But I think I’m doing ok on my own…

But I already know all about all this manifestation/healing stuff…

And don’t I HAVE TO do this on my own anyway?

Oh sweetie!? Yes, but is so ICKY!

The heart speaks in desire.? And the heart is wise.

A clear yes is a beautiful thing.

I clear no is a beautiful thing.

But your but is just that… a but.? There is no magic in butting!

BUTS are excuses that come from the part of you who is afraid of stepping into something new.

This is a valid fear!? New = scary, it’s true.

But having a BUT doesn’t mean your YES is actually a NO.? It just means you’re nervous about stepping into something new.? Which means you’re human.

I’m sure you already know that it’s actually impossible to GET your dream with ever stepping into something new.

So at some point, the YES has to become bigger than the BUT.? It’s up to YOU to decide when that point is.

There is MAGIC and HEALING and MIRACLES and POSSIBILITY in the Circle for you – if you want them.

There is SPACE in the Circle for you and your dream – if you want it.

At only $100/year – you do NOT have to participate in everything in order to get your money’s worth.

And if money is an issue – you can use the Incubator to create more financial abundance in your world (plus we’re going to do the Creative With Money course this year, and you’ll get that too). You can invest in creating a better future for yourself.

It’s your call, I just want to make it super clear: No matter what your but is, you and your dream will be ADORED, CHERISHED, CELEBRATED and SUPPORTED IN GROWING in the Circle.

Click here to join.

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