How I Talk To My Creative Projects


A few weeks ago I stopped posting my weekly updates here on my blog – they’ve gone into some pretty personal stuff that I don’t want to share here, so for now I’m just posting them in our weekly sharing circles inside the Creative Dream Circle.

Instead, this week, I wanted to share an update on where I am with my Magic Journaling Cards.

This is a meeting I had with the heart and soul of the cards:

It’s a little (?) weird but this is how I stay consistently productive and get at my best creative ideas.

The heart and soul of my project shows up as disks of delight that want to fly out into the world.

I start by trying to look at what’s happening with the energy between me and it – what is our internal relationship like right now – but I can’t see anything.

A tiny sparkling fairy flies out of the disks and whispers “You’re so close to the finish line your logical self is trying to take over to handle all the details – it’s distorting the energy flow, the way logic tends to do.”

My logical self appears, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.? “We have a lot of details to attend to here.? I need to take over and handle this.”

“Oh no” my heart interjects “Surely even you can feel how special this project is.? The energies need to be aligned – heart to heart to heart. My heart, the project’s heart, the hearts of the people who will use the cards.? All decisions have to come out of that alignment.”

My logical self has lost this particular argument so many times that she just throws up her hands and says “Fine then.? Just get it done.”

Heart takes over.? “We’ll start by invoking the qualities of the cards.”










The qualities fill the space, ground our conversation and gently start to weave everything into alignment.? And I see it now.? Me.? The Cards.? The people who are going to use the cards. Perfect alignment.

It’s a clear, focused energy between me and the cards.? Concentrated.

Well yeah – years and years of exploration and study concentrated into the deck.? That’s what a good deck should be!? Concentrated.

Then the energy explodes from the cards out to the people.? Each person receives it in a different way, depending on what they want/need.? Just what a good deck should be!

OK, so this is all great.? But what’s stuck?

The fairy giggles.? “Why, you, of course!”

“Ha ha.? Of course.? A little help please?!”

The fairy takes me hand and flies me over to the cards.? “Let them grow.? Listen to them.? Let them tell you how they want to be.”

That’s when I realise that I’ve been trying to control this one part (the part I was stuck about!) and actually the cards want to be different from how I wanted them to be.? The cards show me what they want, and it’s kind of perfect.

This one part – the way that I was seeing the cards for myself as I was creating them – has to go completely.? The cards are showing me that it was a ladder, it got me to where I needed to be and I don’t need it anymore.

Kind of mind-blowing.? I thought that’s what the cards WERE but it was just a ladder.? Kind of amazing how much work I put into building a ladder that I was just going to discard, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.

Once I see it this way, everything is clear and I can get back to work giving the cards what they need.