How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

how to make an altar for your dreams

Having an altar for your dreams is a way to give tangible form to your intangible dream while you’re working on bringing it to life.? It helps you focus your energy and attention to energize your intention.

Altars don’t have to be complicated or weird or anything.? You can be super creative and have fun with them.

You don’t even necessarily need a lot of space to create a powerful and effective altar.? The simplest altar I have in my home is a set of three magnets I keep on the back of my front door.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams


There’s a dragon (POWER!) who guards the threshold of my home, making sure that only things that are easy and sweet can enter.

You don’t need to learn a bunch of stuff about how to make an altar for your dreams, you just play with what inspires and delights you.

Here’s a small altar I keep in my office, this is my altar for staying connected to my self: my joy and light and inspiration.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

This altar sits on top of a long bookshelf.? I uses a tray to set the boundary of the altar, to contain the energy of it in this space.? (People often use cloths for this)? The doll that represents me sits behind it, like she is sitting at the altar.

This altar keeps one of my favourite decks of cards, Deepak Chopra’s Success Cards, some favourite crystals and a reminder from one of my own inspiration cards.

I switch this stuff up whenever/however I feel inspired to.

This is an altar to internal radiance that I keep in my bedroom.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

There’s a Buddha statue surrounded by candles, with an egg I painted and collaged that glows golden and reminds me to connect with my internal radiance.

This is on my dresser, where I see it as I’m getting dressed every morning. Sometimes in the evenings if I’m reading in bed I’ll light the candles as an offering to the quality of radiance and a reminder to re-connected with the radiance within.

This is an altar on my bookshelf, reminding me of what I want in my home.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

This one is super simple, just an inspiration card I made when I moved into the Dream Loft and an ornament that feels like the qualities that I wanted to invoke.

This reminds me of the magic of how it felt when I moved in and was so excited to have this space and to create what I needed within it.

It reminds me of how grateful I am to live in a space that suits my needs perfectly, which is something I don’t always consciously remember so it feels so good to have this altar remind me of that.

My largest and most interesting altar is more of a meditation altar – or sometimes I think of it as an “activity altar” because there are a bunch of things I do at it.

This altar is reserved for my BIGGEST dream, the one that is getting the most attention from me at any given moment.

A meditation altar is an altar that you sit at to meditate.? It often has meditation tools: candles, incense, images of things you want to meditate on, meditation pillows, etc.

Mine tends to get pretty playful.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

I keep a crystal mandala with something that represents the essence of my intention in the center – how I do this is always changing.? I use the crystals that I feel called to work with and arrange them how I feel inspired to arrange them.

My intuition sends me messages about what to get for these mandalas.? A few weeks ago I had a strong message to go to this specific shop on the way home to get some new crystals, and they had just gotten these amazing hematite arrowheads in, which were exactly what my crystal mandala needed.

The crystal mandala is the heart of the altar – it holds the essence of my dream.

Beside that is where I keep my singing bowl.

How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

When I wake up in the morning, plus every time I come home after being anywhere plus any other time I feel like it, I stand at the altar and play the bowl while focusing on my intention.? I visualize the vibration from the bowl clearing out any energies that block me from my dream, then bringing me into energetic alignment with my dream.? I keep doing this until it feels complete.

I keep a deck of cards at this altar – different tarot or inspiration or divination cards depending on what I’m working with at the time – and choose a new card every morning and leave it face up for the day to remind me of it’s message.?? This is also a way to make sure I engage with my dream first thing in the morning, even on days when I’m not doing much with it.

If I’m going to be home for a while and it feels right to “activate” the altar that’s when I light the tea lights in the lanterns.

The important thing to know about how to make an altar for your dreams is to pay attention.

Focus on the energy and how it’s shifting as your relationship with your growing dream is shifting, by paying attention to how the altar feels to you.

If it doesn’t bring you joy or re-align you with your dream or do something positive for you in some way then something needs to change.

When you are first learning how to make an altar for your dreams you may just be guessing about what’s going to work.? This is good!? Experiment and explore – this is how you will learn what works for you and your dream.

Start by using whatever comes to mind and putting it together however it seems right.

Then notice what happens – how do you feel when you see it?

Over time, you start to connect with your altar more and more (which is really the inner process of connecting more deeply with the qualities of your dream) and then you start to “just know” how it should be.? But you don’t necessarily start out just knowing, getting there is a journey.

There are no rules about how to make an altar – just play with it!

The more you enjoy creating and working with your altar the more it can help you connect with your dream.

Every time I see my altars they remind me to re-align with my dreams, that’s why I have so many tiny altars for so many different things – so that I am continually reminded of my intentions.

And working with them – moving things around and bringing new things in – is always fun.

I’ve noticed that whenever I start to feel overwhelmed in life, my loft starts to get cluttered.? So I take some time to tidy up, including re-arranging any of the altars that feel like they need some new energy.

This clearing and re-arranging always shifts me out of overwhelm and brings me back to center.

Some supplies you can use to make your altar:

  • Candles
  • Statues
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Inspiration/Divination cards
  • Artwork
  • Musical Instruments
  • Crystals and stones
  • Incense
  • Flowers
  • Jewellery
  • Ornaments

Get creative with it!? You can use literally ANYTHING that helps you call in the qualities of your dream.

Another thing to remember about how to make an altar for your dreams is you’re always in the process of working on your altar.

You’ll be out somewhere and something may jump out at you and demand to be taken home and added to your altar.? A rock or a feather you find in the park, a crystal in a shop, a candle or sculpture or tool or anything that just feels like it brings the right energy to your altar.

Working with your altar is a great way to ground the changes you’re making as you’re doing the inner work of bringing your dreams to life.


How To Make An Altar For Your Dreams

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