How To Teach Life-Changing Classes

how to teach life-changing classes

Tomorrow I’m teaching a TREASURE MAPPING class inside the Creative Dream Circle, which is one of my favourite things to do.

Treasure Mapping is like vision boards – on steroids. ?Instead of just visualizing the vision, you map out the path that leads to it from a place of deep connection to your inner wisdom and superpowers.

I started teaching this process in my in-person workshops about six years ago.? Then I turned it into a digital kit in 2010, and in 2013 it evolved into a live-on-the-phone class.

After all these years of doing this you might think I don’t have to do much to prep for the class, but that’s not true.

The thing that always blows people away about my classes is how they access new parts of themselves in the class.? Like they FEEL more powerful or more intuitive or more creative or more sure of themselves.

And they always want to know how I do it.? The process of how to teach life-changing classes is maybe different from what you think.? This is how I do it:


Bandwidth is a real thing.

I have a limited bandwidth so when I’m getting ready to teach I have to be extra-aware of what I’ve got going on.? I don’t want to get to class day and have my bandwidth be all used up with other stuff.

Everything I’m thinking about is taking up energetic bandwidth.? AND everything I’m thinking about impacts the quality of energy I’ve got.

If I’m stressed and frazzled then that’s what I’m bringing to my students when class starts.? That energy creates a barrier to them being able to receive what it is I want to share with them.

All this to say: I’m spending the day PLAYING.

Today I’m in deep self-care mode, so that I can bring great energy to the class so that I can be super present with the people who show up to play with me.? (And the people who listen to the recording afterwards can also feel that energy)

Since people are joining the Creative Dream Circle today in order to be a part of tomorrow’s class, I am checking my email every few hours to help them get settled into the Circle.? But other than that: PLAY.

Filling the well all the way up so that I can give from a place of fullness and abundance.

Cycling to the park. Drawing mandalas. Bubble bath. Pouring all the good vibes into tomorrow’s class.

When you’re teaching anything transformative, you’re teaching more from who you are than from what you know.? So it’s important to show up as your best self.

Of course – shit happens.? You’re not going to be able to be 100% “on” 100% of the time when you’re teaching.

I take two approaches to do my best to be as on as I can be: daily practice and the pre-class top-ups.? Having two approaches gives me a sturdier foundation, so if either one slips for some reason, I’ve got back-up.

So I’m doing my daily practice every day – creative journaling, meditation, mandalas, drawing maps, etc.? Then I schedule “extreme self-care” time before classes as the top-up.

Of course, when I’m teaching something new there are more elements to add to the process.? I’m not just creating the material, I spend a lot of time attuning to it – journaling and meditation and marinating in whatever it is I want to share, trying to connect with it as deeply as I possibly can so that I can share from a place of depth (students really can FEEL that in the class).

That’s why, as I shared in my video last week, I have been playing with the Treasure-Mapping process lately.

No matter what you teach, your students will feel the quality of the presence you bring to the class.

Your love for what you’re doing.? The time and energy and attention you paid to setting up the class.? The many years you spent mastering your gifts.? How passionate you are about sharing your gifts.

This creates an energy-atmosphere that allows them to really receive the benefits of what you offer.

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