I am doing something Very Very Scary. ARgh!

I’ve been happily working away on my Amazing New Thing.? And I am shifting and re-arranging other parts of my business to give it the space it needs, and deserves.

And I am getting to the hard part… the part where I have to let go of what-is to make room for what-is-coming-in before it’s arrived.

We always want to wait until we have the new thing before we let go of the old thing.

And it just can’t work that way.

The whole point of letting go is to let. go. The point isn’t to hold. on. until the letting go becomes somehow easier.

It doesn’t just somehow get easier.? Things change when you change them.

You’ve got to activate courage and trust-in-your-inner-knowing.

So I’ve been standing at the edge of this pool for some time, working on that part.

A lot of my time spent standing at the edge of the pool I didn’t even realise I was standing at the edge of the pool!? But now that I realise it, it’s getting harder and harder to not do something about it.

Even though: OMG! Scary!

So here’s the deal: I want this Amazing New Thing I am doing to become the main part of my business.

This thing isn’t just amazing, it’s my Best Work Ever and It’s The Way That I Can Help Dreamers Grow Their Dreams, The Most.

But it’s different, really vastly different, from the work I do now (mostly one-on-one coaching, with classes sometimes).

It also, happily, costs way less than one-on-one coaching, so I can help more dreamers grow more dreams.

But that’s also the scary part, right now.

I have to let go of one-on-one coaching (eekk!) in order to create space to grow this new thing.

Coaching is where most of my income comes from, it’s how I support myself.

Letting go of the thing that supports me financially?? As a single girl with a brand new dream loft condo to pay for? Fucking terrifying!

But here’s the thing: my intuition does not lead me wrong.

So I know that this is the right thing to do.

But you know how I talk about baby steps and finding the safest way to do things?? Stopping coaching immediately is not a baby step and it’s not safe!

And I have commitments with my long-term clients that I absolutely want to keep! Not to mention: I love working with them!

I’m going to put the brakes on, and ease out of it and ease into the new thing.

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath.

So: Last call for coaching.

If you want my help turning inner critics into allies or showing you how you can stop letting that thing stop you, or if want to pick my brain about anything to do with creative dreams, creative business, glitter eyeshadow – whatever.? Now’s your chance.

You can go directly to my coaching page and book a session, or a three month creative dream package.

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