I believe in a better future for everyone.

When I finished university with a degree in fashion design and started my career as a textile artist, what I really wanted to do was make things that made people believe in themselves, and their dreams.

Partially because I was desperate to believe in myself and my dreams.

Partially because there were times when I DID believe in myself and my dreams and when I had this feeling, it was everything, and I wanted to share it.

I had a lot of passion and desire as well as creative skills and talent.

I did not have ANY sense of how to make my dreams work in a practical, financial way. Nor did I have any support, mentors or role models for that.

But I didn't give up. I followed my dreams on a weird and winding road (which includes becoming an accredited spiritual teacher and having my clients refer to me as their "life coach" and not knowing what that meant) until I was 36, which is when I quit my last job (in 2010/2011) and made the Creative Dream Incubator my full time job and dream come true.

Even through a worldwide pandemic, inflation and late-stage capitalism, my business has been stable. I'm so happy that these days my dreams DO work in a very practical and financial way.

And I do want this for everyone.

I spent the first 10 years of my career with the Creative Dream Incubator working very closely with people and developing as many programs as I could. Then I took everything I learned about WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS and put it into one thing: Dream Book.

Dream Book is a sturdy container for growing your dreams. It offers support and guidance while holding your own intuition in the driver's seat. Because all of your answers are in YOU, but most of us do need support and space-holding to FIND those answers - and then to summon the courage to act on that inner knowing.

Dream Book is what I needed 26 years ago as a starving artist. And it's what I still need, and use, every day as I continue to explore, heal, grow and create.

Join me here.

I believe in a better future for everyone.