I Want To Do Creative Journaling But I Don’t Want To Have To Get a Whole Bunch Of Materials!

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Today’s question:

What keeps me from art journaling is my notion that it requires me to carry around huge amounts of materials, or to do wild shit while at home and I really don’t have the time energy and money for that. So if you could?address that, I’d love it.


Good news!? You absolutely don’t have to get any materials you don’t want and you DEFINITELY do not have to do any wild shit.

Creative Dream Journaling is NOT Art Journaling.

Art Journaling is not wrong or anything, it’s just not what I teach.

This is about spending QUALITY time with yourself (like, actually being present with what’s going on inside of you) and with your dream.

That’s it.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like.

It only matters what it FEELS like.

How do YOU want your creative journal practice to feel?

For me, it’s important that it be: expansive, supportive, nurturing, inspiring, playful and transformative.? You get to pick how your practice will be for you.

Some of us looooove having a whole ton of art supplies to play with. Some of us prefer to keep things simple.

At home, I like to play with paints and tons of different art supplies.? But I also like to journal on the go, with just a few markers.?? Neither is better, they’re just different.

The only rule is: don’t do anything you don’t want to do!

Part of what you’re doing with this work is meeting and transforming those inner voices that say you have to do things “the right way”.

Another part of what you’re doing is learning more about YOUR way.? This is how you activate your inner superpowers.

So – get ONLY the art supplies you actually want to play with.? And do ONLY the things you actually want to do.