I’m So Stressed Out By The News I Have No Energy To Create

The world is very stressful right now and stress does make it hard to create!

A lot of us have been feeling just flattened, which is a totally normal reaction when the world is falling apart.

But... I would say that the world needs your creative work, now more than ever. And certainly YOU need your creative work, because your creativity is a powerful healing force.

So we've got to find ways to keep the creativity flowing. That's what today's episode of Creative Dreaming VS The End Of The World POP UP PODCAST and Video Series is about.

Watch it here:

I'll be sharing a new episode every day this week.

Yesterday we talked about feeling like you don't deserve to pursue your dreams when there is so much upheaval in the world. For the rest of the week we'll be exploring:

  • I'm more easily overwhelmed than usual
  • Becoming an effective Change-Maker
  • Alchemy meditation for Energy Clearing

One thing I forgot to mention in this episode is that doing the things you can do make a difference DOES help you be less overwhelmed.

For every problem we are facing in the world, there are already SOLUTIONS that exist. There are already people working on those solutions.

Where can you get involved and be a part of the change you want to see?

Donating money, attending marches, volunteering, educating yourself. There is *SO MUCH* we can do to be a part of the change,  and I know I feel MUCH BETTER when I feel good about how I am being a part of the solution.