It’s OK if it gets awkward

It’s OK if it gets awkward is a mantra I have used in my work for years.

I started using it because I saw that almost all growth includes an awkward stage, and I wanted my people to be ready for it. It’s ok! Don’t make the awkwardness mean something about you or your dreams. Don’t let it stop you.

It’s ok if it gets awkward. It’s ok if it gets awkward. It’s ok if it gets awkward. It’s ok if it gets awkward.

I say it over and over again but people still freak out when it gets awkward. Even when we agree, in theory, that it’s ok if it gets awkward, we don’t quite extend that to ourselves.

And the thing is, when we don’t allow ourselves that awkward phase, we end up shutting down the whole process.

We kill our dreams rather than be awkward out in public, or even in the privacy of our own journals!

I used to think that it was the discomfort of the awkwardness that drove this. But now I see it’s a function of living in a supremacist culture that indoctrinates all of us into it’s values.

Looking good means something in this culture. Looking like you have your shit together means something in this culture. Even when you are literally choosing between LOOKING LIKE everything is fine and actually feeling thrilled and free and excited about your life.

This is so messed up! So I’ll keep saying it: it’s ok if it gets awkward.

In fact, it’s great!

Awkward means you’re not following the status quo. You’re trying something new. You’re following inspiration. You had an idea that might be genius and you won’t know unless you try.

You literally cannot get to your dream without taking some awkward steps. You are literally choosing between getting awkward or killing your dream.

Please, make the right choice. Take care of the part of you who freaks out about being awkward. Do the inner work to soothe your fears and bring healing to the places in you that would choose conformity over doing what is true for you.

You cannot BE as powerful, creative and magnetic as you ARE if you are afraid of being awkward.

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It\'s OK if it gets awkward