My eyes are open on my healing journey

Continued from last week's journal prompt on slowing down...

Where is it SCARY for you to slow down?

I talk a lot about the the oppressive systems we live in, like capitalism, colonialism and white supremacy (which includes ableism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia).

I talk about them because these are external forces that make it harder for all of us to BE our authentic selves and pursue our dreams. NOT talking about them leaves them as these invisible forces which means we are powerless against them.

Talking about them makes them visible. Once you can see them you can stop them from stopping you, you are no longer powerless.

A lot of approached to healing focus on “Don’t be negative!” and “Don’t blame anyone or anything, take responsibility for your life!!”

But by not being able to “blame” whatever was responsible for terrible things that happened to you, it's easy for YOU to take the blame yourself for the way those things impacted you. THIS CREATES SHAME, THIS DOES NOT CREATE HEALING. It means the impacts of those things will continue to impact you.

The word “blame” feels so loaded, but there is nothing wrong with assigning responsibility to the responsible parties.

I don’t blame the government or my parents for the state of my life.

But my eyes are open on my healing journey.

Which means: I don't blame MYSELF for all the times I failed. By acknowledging that certain things made certain things hard for me, I acknowledge the truth, I make space to process my feelings, and I free myself of the ways that these things impacted me and I empower myself to make a different choice.

This is healing. And you’ve got to SLOW WAY THE FUCK DOWN before you can access it.

So - let's not avoid the places where slowing down is scary. If the thought of slowing down feels appealing but scary, if you have a lot of stories about why you CAN'T slow down - let's acknowledge all of that so that it doesn't turn into an invisible internal obstacle.

Let’s make magic together

Slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE is a community spell/Zoom class happening February 28.

Together we can free ourselves of all the ways this world dims our light.

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My eyes are open on my healing journey