Let’s change all of the answers

When you are BEING as powerful, creative and magnetic as you ARE - what will change in your life?

The reason why "slow the fuck down!" is a part of "BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE" is because the FIRST answers that come to us are usually not the BEST answers.

As a coach, I don't even try to hold space for finding the best answer right away. I hold space for being in the discomfort of not having the fast or comforting answer.

When you slow way down, give yourself more space, tend to the discomfort that arises when you do that, you find yourself in a space with a completely different set of options.

You are in so many different patterns and routines. Many of them are completely unconscious to you. Yes, I know that you've done LOADS of inner work and still, even YOU have a lot of unconscious programming running. We all do, but those of us who have done a lot of healing can sometimes assume that "we've done the work" and then stop noticing where we're still in unconscious patterns.

That's why this work is so important.

You are worthy of finding the absolute best answers for you.

You are worthy of BEING your most powerful, creative and magnetic self.

You are worthy of creative play and healing and slowing growing delightfully into it - not hustling or shaming yourself for not being further ahead.

Let's do this. In 2 days!

Slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE is a community spell/Zoom class happening February 28 (Tuesday!)

Join us here.

Let\'s change all of the answers