Let’s make your dream INEVITABLE in 2022

I believe your dream is not just possible, but INEVITABLE - as long as you stay engaged with it.

The Creative Dream Circle membership turns 10 in the summer 2022, and my business turns 11 in January 2022.

In all this time, one thing has been totally consistent: if you stay engaged with your dream work, you find the way. Insights, miracles, healing, growth, those huge shifts that change everything - time and the again I've seen them come at just the right time, for the people who keep showing up consistently.

So I am going to do everything I can do to make it easer and more fun for you to stay engaged.

For the last few months I've been working with the members of Dream Book, to find out what they need to make it easier and I now have a huge pile of amazing ideas that I am working on to make this group the best it's ever been for the 10 year anniversary.

2022 is going to be OFF THE HOOK at the Creative Dream Incubator...

Starting with: Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 Journaling EXTRAVAGANZA

This is a series of mini classes for digging deep into the magic that is available to you now, and using it to create your best new year ever, starting at the beginning of December.

Most will be available for free on my blog - with some extra bonuses just for Dream Book members.

Details, and the first classes, to come next week.

2022 - we are coming for you.

PS: We will be using the prompts from the Year of Dreams 2022 Weekly Planner, Visioning Journal and Creative Dream Playbook - so if you're getting one, get it now! We'll work on the visioning journal in December, so that when January comes we are ready to go.

You can do the classes in your own journal or planner, so you don't NEED the Year of Dreams to do these classes and create your amazing vision and plan for 2022 - but the Year of Dreams will be RELENTLESS in reminding you of your goals so you keep working on them all year long.

Let\'s make your dream INEVITABLE in 2022

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