Making a Big Dream Real #3

It’s already week three of my new adventure!

Early this week I started to really come into alignment with this new dream.? I started feeling more flow and inspiration.

I had so many ideas for things to try, and so much energy to play with them.? Sunday night I had a hard time falling asleep because I was So Excited for Monday morning to come so I could get to work.

It felt amazing.

Until it didn’t.

I went from super inspired on top of the world to way down in the dumps.

This happens with dreams!? You dig through stuff, get to a new layer of clarity, but then there is all this… debris from your digging.

The debris was messy this week.? Remembering all the reasons why this is impossible.? Loosing my connection with why I want this.? Not trusting my dream.? Not trusting myself.? Not fun.

And I kept trying to push myself to act anyway.? Which is never a good idea. But I felt frustrated and impatient and wanted to see some results.

I found myself very focused on externals, which is usually what’s happening when you feel stuck like that.

So then I thought… hey why don’t I do the things that I know work when I’m down in the dumps.

That stuff kept this week from being a total disaster.? And as I played with these tools, I learned A LOT about why I was so in the dumps.

And even found gifts & treasures in the dump.

Bringing a dream to life is more about growing yourself than it is about making things happen in the outer world.

I’ve got painful stories that I carry that me-who-lives-this-dream does not carry.? These stories were so troubling for me this week because I was waking up to how troubling they are.

You know how when you’re just used to something you don’t really notice it?? It’s like that with your stories and patterns and limiting beliefs.

When you consciously choose to grow, and set your sights on a new way of being – the old ways of being start to become horribly uncomfortable.

This was uncomfortable this week and I’m guessing I’m not finished being uncomfortable.

I am grateful to start to see the patterns behind the patterns more clearly.? I’m grateful to have the tools & skills to transform this.? I’m grateful that no matter how sad & frustrating this gets, I do hold onto the knowing that I will move through this.

I made friends with Discipline.

Discipline appeared this week.? Not all drill sargeant-y and pushy, more like a beautiful and benevolent Goddess of Possibilities.

Last week I talked about creating daily and weekly practices that support and sustain me as I support and sustain this dream.? Daily meditation, energy work, journaling and art-making.? Weekly learning.

This week I learned that I need this to be more disciplined.? It’s not enough to just to these things each day, they need more structure and I need more structure in how I approach them.

These structures are the most supportive things, ever.

This boy became my business role model:

Everything about this represents everything I want in how I approach my work.

He’s relaxed and trusting and barefoot.

He’s playing.? In a soft space in the sunshine.

He’s got pens and toys and an open book.

Spaciousness. Freedom. Creativity. Trust. Alignment. InTUNEment.

Flow. Flow. Flow. Flow. Flow.

Tangible Things I did this week to move towards my goal:

Given how hard this week felt, it feels like a complete miracle that I did anything.? But I did!? Because I am kind of chatty here talking about why I’m doing things, I am making the things I did bold, and everything else plain.

I figured out how I want to start advertising, and started!? I updated my Fabulous Free Stuff page, created a button for it and signed up for an ad on Kind over Matter, to advertise my Fabulous Free Stuff page.

(Advertising my free stuff has been the best way for me to advertise my business.? This way the ad is an invitation to peek into my creative world and see if you want to play here.? Ads that point to a sales page are NOT how I want to grow my business – I would much rather people got to know me FIRST, then decide if they want to join the Circle, instead of advertising the circle.)

I’ll also advertise the freebies page on Facebook, starting in January.? And I did some research for some new places to place ads in January.

I did a lot more tweaking to the Creative Dream Circle page.? (do check it out!)? I thought a lot about how I want to connect with people as they’re reading that page, and what I want them to know.

Made some images to promote the Creative Dream HOLYday to share on Facebook and Pinterest.

Spent more time exploring my new favourite question: Do I need to step up what I’ve been doing or do I need a totally new plan?

Did more inspiring business reading to nourish my brain with possibilities.

Worked on my promotional plan for January.? I’ll be running both the Creative Dream HOLYday (Jan 3) and the Creative Dream Incubator e-course (Jan 28).? This is an amazing course that really does grow dreams – I want to get as many people as possible participating this year.

Planned my first Spreecast: The Creative Dream Journal Playdate (it’s free and it’s happening January 7)!!? On Monday I got to play with Connie and Lisa on Spreecast and wheeeee it was fun.? I’ve been thinking about doing this forever and finally – I’m doing it!

Being able to speak to people one-on-one has been the best way for me to grow my business.

People do not realise how much I can help them – until I do it!

When you have a mindset like “this is hard” or “I don’t live my dreams – that’s for other people” someone telling you they can help with that doesn’t even register.? Because you’ve been carrying that story so long it feels like Absolute Truth for you – you don’t know that you’re carrying it.

When I work with new people and start to shift the energy around the story to open up new possibilities – they’re stunned.? Then they start to get what it means to play with possibility.? Then they start to want more for themselves.? It’s so beautiful.

Last year I gave away 100 free mini coaching sessions.? As much as I loved that, energy work takes a LOT of energy and I simply can’t do that again.? So this year I’ve been doing free monthly coaching circles and tele-classes since November, and now I’m going to branch out into the free live stream.

I think the tele-classes/circles may work better because then people get to actually talk to me and I can do energy shifting & coaching with them.? For that to happen on a live stream, they’d have to be willing to go on camera and a lot of people are not comfortable with that.

On the other hand, a lot of people don’t want to pay long distance for a phone call (though I do have to pay long distance charges to call my own conference line!) but would watch a video stream online.? So I think the video stream will have more participants – but will they be as engaged?

I don’t know!? Let’s see if I find out at the Creative Dream Journal Playdate.

I added new posts to Dreamtastic Creative Journals.

Did a little re-tooling of the space inside the Creative Dream Circle to make space for more members.

This week wasn’t easy and I feel like I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked, but still I’m proud of how I faced how I was feeling and brought in love & creativity to transform it and stayed on track as much as possible.? The inner critics are not going to knock me off track!

Last week I started a score card to keep track of everything I’m going, inner and outer, in bringing this dream to life.? This week I’m exhausted at the thought of even looking at it, so I’m just going to ignore it.? Suffice it to say – it’s going to take a zillion steps and in the process I will defeat a zillion inner critics, fear & limiting beliefs.

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