Swear-y Rant About Money

[AKA Calling Bullshit On Our Relationship With Money, Part 2] (Part 1 is here)

“Feeling good about myself/my work/my art/my actions is more important than money.”

If I hear this from one more well-meaning creative dreamer I! Am! Going! To! Scream!

That kind of thinking creates a split in your relationship with money.? It creates an unnatural hierarchy in your inner world – this is more important than that.

It puts money at the bottom.

It makes money somehow dirty, bad, or wrong – which is not exactly a welcoming environment.

It sets you up to think you’re some kind of asshole for having the audacity to want to make money doing the things you love to do.

And meanwhile – what, exactly, are you going to live on if money isn’t important?

It’s extremely self-sabotaging.

This makes me mad because it reminds me of me!

It reminds me of when I was adamant that art was more important than money.

And it reminds me of how hard everything was for me back then.

And of how wrong I was!

Because actually I make MUCH better art when I’ve got money.? Money SUPPORTS Art.

When I’ve got the art supplies and gorgeously lit studio I need. With crystals hanging in the gigantoid windows, throwing rainbows all over everything.

When my energy isn’t tied up in worrying about paying the bills.

I don’t do my best work in a pressure cooker.

Me doing my best work in a happy studio with fun costumes, heavy on spaciousness, sparkle + ease.

A pressure cooker is exactly what you’re creating in your life when you say that money isn’t important.

Money is important.

It’s not that it’s more or less important than your art or your soul.

It’s all important.

When you tear down that hierarchy then you make it possible for everything to work together.?

Because you inner world was never meant to have a hierarchy!? It’s not about structure and rank.? It’s about all the parts working together for the benefit of the whole.? No one thing being more or less important, everything being cherished and loved for what it is.

That’s when everything in your world can work in harmony to create your life as a gorgeous work of art.

When money isn’t “more important” or “less important” than other things, then it can do what it does best: SUPPORT YOU.

It can help you do more of your meaningful creative work.

It can help you live a life that is true to who you are.

It can help you give your family what they need to thrive.

We have so much work to do in this area!

We being the creative dreamers of the world.

Can you imagine how the whole world would change if more of us were more financially empowered in our lives?? The impact we could have if we were all living our biggest dreams?

It really has to start with a shift in your thinking about money – which then sparks a shift in your relationship with money.

And this is why I’m doing the Creative With Money Online Playdate on Friday.

Because shifting your relationship with money is a difficult complicated thing to do.

I’m not talking about making more money or spending less money or investing better: though those things can be outcomes of an improved relationship with money.

I’m talking about feeling good about money and how it functions in your world.

Imagine right now that you did feel good about money and how it functions in your world.

Can you feel that sense of opening and possibility and magic?? And how money doesn’t have to be stressful?

That’s what I’m talking about.

And that’s what we’re going to do on Friday.? Click here to join us.

PS: I’m getting a lot of questions from people who want to know when/if I am doing this again and if I’ll do it on a different day because Friday doesn’t work for them.

The last time I did this people who were not there on the calls reported that they felt like they were every bit as much a part of the group as those who did attend live.?

It’s usually about 1/2 the group who is there live and 1/2 using the recordings – it’s not like you’ll be the only one who isn’t there live. So I can assure you that you don’t miss out by not being there live on the calls.?

And to answer the question: I don’t know if I am doing this again.

If you’re interested in participating, join now.

If you have any other questions about it, feel free to leave a comment below or email me using the contact form on this page.

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