New Stuff in the works

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been facing off with my inner critics a lot over the past month.

(Instagram is my favourite social media stream, I love sharing my?little stories and adventures there throughout the day and if you follow them you can see how everything I teach strings together to create practices that bring dreams to life every day)

So I’ve been struggling with my inner critics because I’ve had a lot of new projects that I want to bring to life. ?And I do this work every. damn. time. I start a new project.

I described the process last week in Inner Work 101: How Change Actually Works (An Illustrated Guide).

It’s not exactly fun?to do this work but it creates those clear channels that give me the freedom to create what I want in my world, so it’s definitely worth it.

And I share the stories of what I’m doing so openly because I want you to have that freedom too, so I want to keep reminding you that the path that leads you there goes right through that layer of crap.

So I want to invite you to dive in with me, and create a whole new world.

Anyway, as I was saying I have these new projects that I want to bring to life.

For me 2015 was all about Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance which is a year-long advanced course in deepening your personal creative/intuitive healing/transformation practice which is inside the Creative Dream Circle.

Now that 2015 is coming to an end I am gathering up the gifts of this year of deep practice and these gifts are inspiring my next moves.

I kind of feel like I’m drowning in gifts right now and so I am taking on more projects than I normally would.

Normally I do one thing at a time, since I am one person that has always made sense to me. ?But right now I have all this extra inspiration from this year-long deep dive so here I am, with three new projects:

  • A Year Of Dreams, Magic + Transformation: a year-long guided journal, colouring book + catalyst for Big Magic.
  • Creative Dream HOLYday: a creative/spiritual retreat, a healing/transformation session + a playdate with your dream. ?Happening January 2016. ?(I used to do this regularly, this will be a “new and improved” version.)
  • Helping?The Helper-People. ?(Helper people being coaches, healer, teachers, therapists – anyone who wants to help others be all that they can be) ?This is a small-group coaching program I have run a few times because I really want to help people help people! ?Either help people?help more people (grow their business) or help people?get better at helping people (grow their gifts). ?Each time I’ve done this, every person has gotten every thing they wanted from it – this program is pure magic. ?In early 2016 I want to run this as a larger thing, open + free for all Creative Dream Circle members -?to celebrate 5 successful years in business for the Creative Dream Incubator.

Actually, all of these things will be free for Creative Dream Circle members, so now is a really good time to join the circle 😉

I’ll have more to share about each of these soon.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps