[note to self] The bigger your dreams are, the more steady your foundation needs to be.

I have declared April, May + June 2013 to be a Creative Cocoon.? I am working on a new project and wanted to create this cocoon that is filled with all of the qualities it needs to grow into all that it cam be: spaciousness, trust, wonder, magic, creativity and structure.

What is really cool + different about how I am approaching this project is that I am creating it IN in the Creative Dream Circle.? So my fellow creative dreamers get to watch how I bring it to life – they get to see the magic unfold.

And, of course, they get to see my every stumble along the way.

What I really want to share with them is that you don’t just have an idea and then *pouf* make it real and it’s done.? You enter into the creative process with your vision, but the creative process itself changes your vision and it even changes you.

It’s basically walking through fire with your dream.

Dreams only stay perfect when you leave them on the shelf.

The path, the creative process, changes everything.? And it is so disorienting!? Some days I don’t even know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it.

This is hard/scary enough to do in the comfort and safety of my Dream Loft, but holycrapterrifying to do it with my fellow creative dreamers watching.

So I keep coming back to steadiness.

How I need to focus less on whatever is happening in my creative process and focus more on developing and maintaining internal steadiness.

This morning I am scared, scattered and confused.

I can’t connect to the deeper purpose of why I am doing this and so I can’t tell what direction to go in.? My internal compass is spinning around wildly.

My inner critics, fears, doubts, unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs are trying to throw me off path.? To get me back safety into the center of my comfort zone.

My inner wisdom, spirit, purpose and infinite creative potential are holding onto the vision for me.? To call me forward along the next steps of my path.

So I am doing the work of creating internal steadiness.

Meditation. Energy work. Extreme Self-Care. Journaling. Creative Journaling. All the stuff in the Creative Dream Incubator – to access the courage I need to be able to see my next steps clearly.

Creative Journal
In my Creative Journal

You don’t always need to figure out what to do about the obstacles.

If you focus instead on developing internal steadiness sometimes you can hit them, and bounce over them without falling over.

I guess that is my assignment for today.

I started writing this because I couldn’t work on the thing I was supposed to be working on this morning.? So I am changing course and going to work on steadiness.

I’m going to create a Department of Internal Steadiness for this new project.

Oh!? That’s it – I’ve found my zing, my internal compass has stopped spinning and is now set on “GO!”


PS: Yes my internal compass is a real thing.? And I taught a class on how to access your internal compass, you get it with the Creative Dream Incubator Kit.