Permission to change.

My creative journal kit has been in overdrive lately as I’ve been mapping out new plans.

I am taking 2 classes starting in April, 2 transformational classes that I am both super excited about and totally ready for.? They are providing me with the structure and support I need to make some really big changes in my life and my business.

And there is this part of me that is all geeeeeeeez, again?? You just changed everything, not that long ago.

Yup, I did.? And yup, I am doing it again.

Actually, that change led to this change.? Every change leads you to the next change.

There is this insane idea in our culture, that we’re supposed to do something once, and it’s done.

This is not how anything actually works, though.

And this idea actually makes it harder to start, because while it’s telling you that you have to get it right the first time it’s activating your inner perfectionist.

Perfectionism kills creativity.

Plus – how can you know the right way to do it if you’ve never done it before?


Creativity is flow and joy and trying things in an atmosphere of delight and letting your work, and your self, evolve.

Learning as you go.? Building as you go.? Growing as you go.

It takes the pressure off right now and it makes much bigger dreams possible, because each new thing builds on the last.

With each new thing you’ve got a stronger connection to your vast internal resources, so your possibilities become larger.

Change is the best!? Change is magic!? Change is INEVITABLE, it’s the only thing in our world that actually stays the same.

And yet, here I am, writing this post to myself to convince myself that it’s ok to change.

  • Reminding myself that the “what will people think?” voice is not a voice that knows how to lead me to where I want to be.
  • Reminding myself that the “holy CRAP this is so awesome!” voice has always led me to somewhere really amazing.
  • Reminding myself that I am ready for this next step.? If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here, at the starting point of this new journey.

Deep breath.

One of the crazy/beautiful things about my work is that I am always in this container of transformation with my clients.? As I do the work of supporting their dreams in coming to life my dreams are supported in the process.

Taking classes and working with mentors creates this gorgeous smooth supportive space where you can get what you need, to create what you want in your life.

Teaching classes and being a mentor speeds that process up.? They say you should teach what you need to learn.? What I love is teaching what I want to learn.? Helping others grow in the exact same ways that I want to grow.? There is so much beauty in that.? And as long as I am actively engaged in this kind of work, my dreams will be actively growing

Any place where I fight change stunts that growth and that is actually more uncomfortable than the uncomfortable parts of change.

So in conclusion,

Change: Bring it on!

Consider this your permission slip to change anything and everything you want to change.? If you want to share your thoughts on change, join the conversation on the Creative Dream Incubator Facebook.