On doing something that you don’t think you can do.

I’m setting out to do something I’m not sure I can do.

So I wrote out a few things I know are true, to help light the way. Hopefully they are helpful for you too.


1. If you apply your creativity and your intuition and work and it and give it time: you can do anything.

2. The stuff you think you can’t do is the best stuff to do.? If you know you can do it, it means you’ve already done it and there’s no adventure in it.

3. Being in the adventure of doing something you haven’t done before and aren’t sure you even can do pushes your creative edge and grows you in all the best ways.? I know it’s hard now, but you’ll be so grateful you did it.

4. If you are NOT doing things that you don’t think you can do – you’re stagnating, you’re staying in already-been-done-ness.

5. You wouldn’t have the desire to do it if you weren’t capable of it – that desire is a new part of you being born, the part of you that can do it – once she figures it all out.? It’s ok if the figuring it all out part is messy.

6.? Floundering.? Mis-steps.? Having it take more time than you want it too or look different than you thought it would.? That’s all ok.? Giving up is not.

7. Changing course is different from giving up.? Dreams change as you work on them. Flow WITH the inspiration and you’ll get somewhere amazing.? Try to control the outcome and you’ll get somewhere pretty sad.