Creative Soul Alchemy

Creative Soul Alchemy is the art of transforming fears, self-doubt, inner critics and outer obstacles into insights, magic and dreams come true.


Your creativity = your YOUness.? Your brilliant inner spark.

Yes we play with creative journaling and glitter paints and stuff, but it?s not about that kind of creativity.? It?s about your ability to create your world (and your self!).? You?re a master artist.? Your life is your masterpiece.? Let?s make it amazing.


Power. Wisdom. Love. The source of it all.

Attempting to do any of this without the magic + power of your soul is like tying your shoelaces to each other and then wondering why you fall flat on your face every time you try to move forward.


Awareness. Healing. Growing into who-you-really-are.

TRANSFORMATION: obstacles into opportunities, inner critics into allies and doubts into Creative Dream Superfuel.

Bring Creative, Soul and Alchemy together and you’ve got yourself some dream-growing life-altering magic.

I use the word?magic?a lot, because when you plug Creative, Soul and Alchemy together, the results look (and feel!) like magic.

But it’s not magic, it’s the natural result of integrating your creativity and your soul with your power and your desire.

When I first started approaching my inner work in this way, I wondered if I was cheating.

It felt too simple and fun to be effective.? But over time I’ve learned that we can play our inner work MUCH more effectively than we can work on it.

If this sounds interesting to you, I do have a free class that shows you the basics of Creative Soul Alchemy.?

It’s called Give Your Dream Wings, and you can get it right here.? It will show you how to use Creative Soul Alchemy to start growing your dream, in only 10 minutes a day.

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