Other people will tell you to dim your light. Let’s not ✨

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This is a thing that comes up over and over and over in this work: other people will react poorly to you going after your dreams.

They’ll react poorly when you fail. But they’ll also react poorly when you succeed! They will even react poorly to you STARTING the path.

This is 100% about them and their feelings that get stirred up and 0% about you and your dreams.

Everyone has dreams! Everyone longs for a more authentic, aligned, purposeful, meaningful, free and creative life. And everyone has really good and valid reasons why they don't go for it.

Our dreams are connected to our deepest fears. So when your co-worker/family member/partner/friend sees you making a move, it can trigger all of that IN THEM and they don't want to deal so they try to throw it at you.

And it feels like shit.

I have a complicated relationship with insecurity. So when people started throwing their insecurities at me because I was starting to be more bold with my dreams, it felt like a really complicated thing.

But it’s not complicated at all.

If someone is being a shit, that’s on them and you don’t need to feel conflicted about setting some healthy boundaries.

You don’t NEED TO feel conflicted.

Most of us WILL feel conflicted though. At least at first, because this triggers our own insecurities - am I good enough? Do I deserve to do/be/have this?

This is the stuff we need to work through. This is a part of the work of creative dreaming.

This is the writing that came out today. And it inspired an idea:

A class for Creative Dreamers: Am I good enough? Do I deserve to do/be/have this?

The idea just came to me - I'm going to go play with it and see where it goes.

This feels like it would be a good thing to have in the Creative Dream Alchemy Library of Inner Work. Because most people DO feel this way at the start of ANY new thing - and these feelings aren't actually meant to stop us.

Other people will tell you to dim your light. Let’s not ✨

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