Please don’t give up.

After a week in bed sick with Covid, I woke up this morning ✨feeling good✨

I still have some symptoms and will need to keep resting but I feel ⚡️alive⚡️again!

I even had an honest to goodness EPIPHANY in my Dream Book this morning. I had a thing I was working on, which was feeling very complicated and I didn’t know how to handle it and suddenly I saw how to turn the PROBLEM into an ALLY and know I feel EXCTED to work with this former-problem-now-ally.

It's not that I feel like I NEED to get back to work. (In fact I will very much be easing SLOWLY back into work and doing a lot of resting for a while)

It's that working/playing/exploring with my dreams makes me feel more ME. More inspired. More alive.

Please DO NOT give up on your dreams.

I know, Covid or not, everyone is overwhelmed and right now can feel like the worst time to pursue something new.

But listening to what's calling you, following what feels MOST INSPIRING AND ALIVE right now always leads to more aliveness and joy and healing and growth - all the things we need most right now.

For a lot of people I work with, dreams are rapidly changing right now because WE are rapidly changing right now.

So I am seeing less " I want to scale my business to 6 figures as quickly as possible" and more "I want to REST and PLAY more while also making the money I want to make"

We're all dreaming of more self care and gentleness and feeling good.

The problem is that we judge the SHIT out of our dreams.

We ESPECIALLY judge the dreams that are not all about outer-world accomplishments and things that can be measured.

So - can you NOT do that?

Can you listen to what's calling you and do your best to answer?


PS: I hope you'll join me tomorrow on Instagram Live for a discussion with my friend Chris Zydel about navigating this transformational time. Go to from your mobile device to see the time in your time zone, and set up a reminder notification.

Please don\'t give up.

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