We all know that making dreams real takes WORK. That being a dreamer in a world that is hostile to dreams is HARD.

It's not just the outer obstacles, though the outer obstacles to making a dream real are formidable, you've also got the inner obstacles to contend with - the self-doubt and fear and the tendency to procrastinate and hide.  

Sometimes you end up in the Dark Corners of Creative Dreaming, like:

  • waiting for something to change before you can start working on your dream.
  • working on your dream, you’re putting it out there and not getting the results you want.
  • staring down some HUGE obstacles with no clue how to get around them.
  • just absolutely stuck.

Sometimes you just need a miracle. 

What IS a Miracle?

Just over five years ago, I decided to sell my car. As a self-employed person working mostly from home, with no kids, it didn’t feel necessary to have a car anymore. And something about a car-free lifestyle was calling me.

I knew it would force me to walk more, and I wanted to walk more. And I figured I could always rent a car when I need one, or take a taxi, and use a grocery delivery service.

So I did it, I started walking everywhere and I LOVED it! I loved being outside, getting fresh air and a little exercise... but gradually I started to get frustrated that it took FOREVER to get anywhere.

My sister told me to get a bike and I said “Absolutely not”.

I am not sporty enough to ride a bike. Or brave/stupid enough to ride in traffic! I mean nothing again cyclists but I was just "not one of those people”!

Long story short: I got a bike and I fell in LOVE with it.

ALL of the magic of bring outside and getting fresh air and a little exercise PLUS it stopped taking forever to get places!

THEN I got to discover all sorts of new places: the interconnected bike paths along the rivers in my city. Which are inaccessible to cars. And too spread out for me to see much of on food.

But on a bike? It’s like a magical new world opened up.

That’s a miracle.

When you can find that kind of perfect solution that works better than you thought anything could possibly work. Something that opens up a new world of magic for you.

I know cycling is not a miracle. But it was outside of my old realm of possibilities - so I couldn’t see it before.

The miracle is that now I see it. I was blind but now I see. That’s the shift in perspective that calls in the miracle.

And that kind of shift actually is ALWAYS available to us.


Project Miracle is for creative people who believe in the magic of their dreams and are ready for something to change.

No more waiting for something to change!

Discover new ways of working with your dream that bring you more of what you are looking for. 

Tap into your inner wisdom about how to use the obstacles as spring boards to leap closer to your dream.

Step into the magic of recognizing that you can’t control the outer world you DO have a tremendous ability to steer yourself towards your dream when you focus on tapping into your INNER power.

And do it all with creativity and imagination and a GIANT dose of PLAY!



You'll get DEEP and RICH support for your process so you can move deeper into your creative magic than you’ve ever been before.

Project Miracle is a 30 day support system for creating your own breakthrough.

You'll get an email from me EVERY DAY for 30 days - sending tips and teachings about staying in the process of transformation, sharing new miracle exercises and just cheering you on!

And I am actually THERE on the other side of those emails! You can hit reply if you have questions or get stuck. I am here for you.


Project Miracle includes 9 different TRANSFORMATIVE guided alchemy meditations help you work with your miracle.

Powered by the magic of your own imagination, this alchemy work is wildly transformative and deeply insightful.

You'll be seeing things from a new perspective in NO TIME.

It's NOT unusual for people to write to me on DAY TWO of Project Miracle to let me know that they got their miracle already and ask what they should do next.


And 12 highly engaging printable journaling sheets with insightful questions to help you uncover and work with the insights that come up in the meditations.

With the alchemy meditations you'll find it's quite easy to create shifts... but holding the shift and making real-life changes to accommodate it are another matter.

This is where the journaling sheets come in - giving you time and space to process the healing and transformation and find ways to GROUND the new shifts into your daily life.

But of course that's not all.

For the 30 days that you're in Project Miracle you also get access to my entire library of classes, tools and resources including an ongoing daily (Monday-Friday) online mastermind group! 

Once you step more deeply into the process of transformation - things change! We DO NOT know what kinds of tools and resources you're going to need, which is why I give you access to everything, so that you're sure to be supported no matter what comes up for you!

For example:

You might sign up for Project Miracle because you want to write a book but have NO time or energy to do it.

And thanks to the magic of your miracle, you discover that you DO have time and energy for your book, that the real reason why you aren't starting is that your Inner Critic is out of control and you are actually scared of writing your book.

Then you'll be happy to find that you get all sorts of tools for working with your Inner Critic AND tools for nurturing your creative dream because... now you're actually working on your book!

andreaalchemy.pngDo you want to keep waiting and hoping for something to change, or do you want to get in there and call in a miracle?

If you’re ready for YOUR miracle I would LOVE to help.



That's right: you get TWO extra bonus classes on GETTING STUCK.


 startclass.pngSometimes you sign up for something like this with the best of intentions and then... you just never start.

 Sometimes you call it procrastination... or say that "life just got busy"... or after you registered you decided you weren't all that interested, after all.

This is actually a VERY COMMON dream-killer tactic. It happens to lots of people!

And it has NOTHING to do with procrastination or laziness or business or whatever other story you tell yourself about why you signed up for this thing and then never started.

The truth is: dreams are terrifying.

Your dream forces you to face fears and be brave and put yourself out there and all sorts of other horrifying things!

SO OF COURSE a part of you, when faced with a deeply transformational program designed to help you move significantly towards your dream, freaks out and wants to run away.

This is NORMAL.

AND there is something you can to do work WITH this part of you to get you moving smoothly towards your dream and I'll share this with you in this class.

I mean I hope you won't need it, but it's here if you do.

stuckclass.pngAnd if you don't stuck BEFORE you start you just may get stuck at some point DURING Project Miracle.

This, also, is totally normal.

EVERYONE gets stuck sometimes! Getting stuck is part of working with a dream!

But you don't want to STAY stuck.

And that's what this class will help you do.

Of course everyone hopes you won't NEED this one, but it's here if you do.


AndreaRainbow.pngTHE PROJECT MIRACLE GUARANTEE: I do not offer a money back guarantee, instead I offer my full support in helping you get what you want from this.

I work with transformation, alchemy and magic but I do the work in very GROUNDED ways. Depending on what miracle it is you’re looking for - you may not 100% GET your miracle during the 30 days of Project Miracle. But you WILL put yourself on the path towards it AND understand how to keep moving towards it - in a steady and grounded way.

It will not longer feel impossible to create the change you want - you will see the way in front of you. But it will be up to you if you want to keep doing the work to stay on the path or not.

What's Included inside Project Miracle:

  • Miracle Video Class where you show you how to get started with your Miracle Work and get you set up for an amazing 30 day experience
  • 30 days of inspiring daily emails to help you stay focused on your Project Miracle
  • 9 different Energy Alchemy guided meditations for working with your miracle
  • 12 printable journaling sheets for processing your insights from the meditations
  • A private classroom where you can share your thoughts and ask questions (you can also hit reply to any of the daily emails to ask me questions privately)
  • Access to the daily Miracle Mastermind group inside the Creative Dream Circle (I post there every day, M-F)
  • Access to ALL of my other classes tools and resources inside the Creative Dream Circle
  • BONUS CLASS: Help! I'm having trouble getting started
  • BONUS CLASS: Help! I'm stuck with my miracle

The price: $99 USD

Project Miracle is a transformational experience that supports you in calling in the shift you need right now. In order to create and maintain the container that allows this deep transformative work to happen, all participants must read + agree to the following Guidelines + Policies.   

>>> DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT MIRACLE POLICIES + GUIDELINES HERE  <---- this explains how it all works.