Let's make sure 2021 is better than 2020.

We're all excited to toss 2020 into the trash and move on.

I mean I know the world won't magically change on Jan 1, 2021... but with the turning of the calendar and the enlivening astrology happening right now and the sense of optimism about the vaccine and the possible end of the pandemic, it's getting easier to feel inspired and excited about the future.

Change is in the air.

Let's draw on all of this, and set the stage for your BEST possible 2021.

Blessing Circle for 2021

Join me for a blessing circle for 2021:

Luminous expansion * clarity * inspiration

Together, we'll make space for what you want to CREATE in 2021 (even if you're not sure what you want yet)

This is happening live on Zoom January 15 - the recording will be available afterwards, with a comments section where you can add your ideas to the conversation, ask questions, and get support.

I'll be there in the comments after the live event, so we can continue the work - even if you're not there live I want you to be fully supported in this.

What is a Blessing Circle?

We'll start with a special group meditation for turning inward and connecting with your intuition and that part of you that always believes that everything is possible.

Then we'll do an alchemy process to set the stage for 2021. This is a combination of visioning and intuitive exploration and deep listening  to what you are really being called towards.

If you don't know what you want for 2021: this will help you get clear and feel more confident about going after it.

If you do know what you want for 2021: this will help you better understand what you need to do to get it.

Then we'll bless your dreams and plans and send magic and light into the new year. You'll end the Circle feeling like you are made of magic and everything is possible for you.

Ready to create your absolute best new year ever.

We started this work 1 month ago with the Healing Circle for 2020. Now you get instant access to this when you register.

Every year deserves a healing circle. If you don’t take the time to reflect and release at the end of the year, you won’t have the space to call new things in for the new year.

This is always true...

But 2020 REALLY EXTRA SPECIAL deserves a healing circle.

We do NOT want to drag all of our new 2020 baggage into the new year.

There is so much to release and process before we can even begin to make space to call in new blessings that we deserve and need - to be able to create something better in 2021.

Healing Circle for 2020

A healing circle for 2020. This was ⚡️AMAZING⚡️

This happened on Dec 8 and now the replay is available instantly when you register.

It was a 90 minute DEEP DIVE journaling and meditation process of reflecting back on 2020, pouring love and healing all over the hard parts, while gathering up the bits that need to be released in order to make space for something better in 2021. Then we did an alchemy process for releasing all of those bits that were ready to be released.

I have to be honest here - being in that 90 minute process was a little brutal... But since then I have felt this tangible sense of release. I have more mental clarity and emotional space.

I feel really ✨ready✨ to make the most of 2021.

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Release 2020 Bless 2021
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USD $66.00

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