Showing up is a miracle generator. My new daily blogging.

I am starting a new thing - daily blogging (Monday-Friday) until the end of the year.

There is so much I want to say and share, so I want to create this container to help me do that.

And also... writing is a way of finding my way.

And also... being more deeply rooted in my art + writing practice is a BIG DREAM right now, and having a place to put that stuff would be helpful.

I do write every day on my private blog for Dream Book members. Some days these posts may be the same some days they may be different. I don't know what that will look like because I am figuring it ALL out while I go.

The way I used to plan things doesn't feel true to me anymore.

Doing BEFORE planning feels like a better fit - for me, for now.

I do have ideas of things I would like to see here - not just writing but videos too, sharing my own journaling, collections of journaling prompts, mini-classes, some teaching and sharing ideas.

I want to DO MORE - in terms of art + writing + sharing.

I want to DO LESS - in terms of ALL of the things that tax my nervous system.

I love this time of year for this kind of thing.

In the last few years I have learned, and keep learning, to honour my sensitivities.

Instead of being frustrated about certain things making me be anxious, I am saying "Oh! That's good information" and taking it as a message to not do those things.

So, stuff like - I can't go into a grocery store between now and the new year because the vibe in there is TOO FRAZZLED. And I will walk places more often because driving on icy roads is stressful but walking feels MAGICAL (and I have bew boots for walking on ice).

Just - noticing all the things that feel stressful and finding other ways.

This includes: more HIGH QUALITY alone time. Writing. Making art. Hobbies. Napping. Meditating. Walking. Dancing.

And mostly: being more devoted to creative dreaming as a practice.

Which is what I want to share here.

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Showing up is a miracle generator. My new daily blogging.

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