Staying CREATIVE AND HOPEFUL while the world is unstable.

From my journal: Staying rooted and stable while the world is unstable.

This has been one of my practices lately. It's the one we did together in the Staying Stable In Your Relationship With Money When The World is Unstable call last week. (Replay is available when you join Dream Book - find it in the "Zoom Calls" section)

That was a 90 minute class. In first part we did the practice of creating our own bubble of stability and then the second part we invited money in to work with it there.

By doing this work in the class we created a FELT SENSE in our bodies of having this bubble of space, which makes it easier to conjure that feeling on your own after.

And lately I am just doing that first part - creating that bubble of stability around me and staying there.

From this place I feel so much more creative and free. Like the stresses of the world aren't right up in my face, I have some SPACE for myself.

Having that space gives me the opportunity to figure out how I want to respond, instead of just reacting.

This is so helpful and healing for myself. And also - this is the way we can create a better world.

All those feelings we have in reaction to what is happening in the world - anger, frustration, terror, whatever it is for you - ARE VALID.


Being reactive with these feelings is not usually helpful.

By sitting with them (validating, processing, expressing) we work through that flurry of sensations and come to a place where it's easier to connect with our truth and then we can ask: How do I want to respond? What do I want to do here? how can I act out of my values?

One of the things that starts to feel SO FREAKING IMPORTANT for me when I do that work is: Your gifts are needed.

EVERYONE'S gifts are needed.

Your books, art, coaching programs, healing modalities, blogs, events - the things you feel inspired to create, the ways you want to share your gifts. THIS IS NEEDED.

So for me, last week's call naturally leads to this week's call:

Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice.

Rooting in to your inner light and exploring how you want to shine/share it.

Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice is:

- practicing exploring this light
- practicing TRUSTING your light
- practicing shining your light and experimenting with all the different ways you can do this
- practicing sitting with all of the questions and feelings that come up for you as you do this, while bringing your intuitive knowing and creative power to creating the answers

You have gifts. And there are people who need these gifts.

How can you practice showing up in such a way that they can see you?

How can you practice staying grounded and sure when this inevitably gets scary?

This work is SO inherently creative and spiritual, and when we make more space for this part of the work, then the outer work all becomes less fraught and more clear.

Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice on Zoom. Tuesday, Nov 8 at 1:00 pm Central (North America)

(Note: we did just have the time change for daylight savings. Use the Creative Dream Incubator Google calendar to double-check what time this is for you)

This is just the first call, it will be a monthly call inside Dream Book for the foreseeable future because I believe that all of our gifts are URGENTLY needed out there in the world so let's practice sharing them more brightly.

It's totally ok if you can't be there live. Make a plan to watch the replay ASAP and leave your thoughts, comments and questions in the comments under the video.

Hope to see you there. YOUR gifts are needed.

Staying CREATIVE AND HOPEFUL while the world is unstable.

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