Stop Judging Your Dreams

People tell me they love my work, but they don't know what their dream is.

They talk about feeling tangled up about not knowing or they are too depleted from pandemic overwhelm to even begin to think about their dreams... and they go on to name 10 different things they want.

Those things ARE the dream.

Our definition of "dream" has been muddied by capitalism, the patriarchy and imperialist/colonialist culture. We feel like it has to be BIG and LIFE-CHANGING to "count".

We feel like it has to be IMPRESSIVE to count.

We judge the FUCK out of our own desires and talk ourselves out of the dreams that matter most to us.

Everything you want counts.

Wanting a graceful solution to an awkward situation at work is a dream.

Wanting to take a nap is a dream.

Wanting a shorter commute is a dream.

Wishing for more space in your budget for art supplies is a dream.

Everything you want matters.

The things you wish for are worthy of your attention.


Creative Dreaming is not ABOUT accomplishing the big impressive things - even though sometimes it does mean doing that...

It's about living your values.

And you deserve that.


For me, it's just as much about bike rides, journaling in coffee shops and sewing my own period underwear as it is about having my own business and buying my sunny loft condo and filling it up with plants.

It's about going to therapy and doing weight training because these things make me feel better in my life.

It's about sewing my own clothes and going to bed early because these things make me feel like ME.

Today, my dreams have led to me to cook almost all of my meals from scratch! But ten years ago my dreams encouraged me to not bother cooking at all since I didn't enjoy it - and since I bought my dream loft before construction was finished, I even asked them to only install half of the kitchen, so I had more empty space for creative play.

Working with your dreams is about engaging with your SELF more deeply.

Healing, growing, recognizing that your life is actually a miracle and treating it like one.

And if your big dreams seem vague and unclear and very far away and like something you absolutely can't work on right now - working with your smaller dreams will DEFINITELY help with that.

This is NOT about pressure, achievement, or adding to your to-do list.

Working with your dreams is about BEING more YOU.

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