On Being Afraid And Doing It Anyway


Yesterday I hosted by first blog hop.? It was totally rad.

It was also totally outside of my comfort zone.

I am seriously introverted.? And seriously HSP.? Just the volume of emails needed to pull off something like that was/is outside of my comfort zone.? Nevermind all the other things that scared me about it.

I felt overwhelmed at the thought of it.? I also felt inspired and sure.

There is this thing in the Creative Dream Circle called the Crazy Smart Wisdom Council.

When the right thing for you is outside of your comfort zone (which is where most, if not all, dreams live) – you will tend to try to talk yourself out of it because who wants to be uncomfortable?? The beauty of having a Crazy Smart Wisdom Council is that it roots you back into your truth.

Not the small truths: I’m scared. I’m unsure. I don’t have time.? The Big Truth: When I both LISTEN and ACT ON my intuitive wisdom, anything is possible.

Yes, it’s scary.? Yes, I will probably do it wrong.? Yes, I will feel overwhelmed.? Yes, it would be much more comfortable to just not do this.? Yes, I know this is my right next move.

It’s NOT about steamrolling over your fear.

That is a bad idea, always.? “Leap and the net will appear” is bullshit.

Steamrolling over your feelings is really different from sitting in the discomfort and being willing to be vulnerable in service to your dreams.

When I was willing to be vulnerable in service to my dreams:

  1. I asked for help even though just the thought of asking for help makes me uncomfortable. I reached out to other bloggers and asked them to offer their time, talent & energy in support of my project.
  2. I moved forward even though I was sure I was going to do it wrong.? I have met SO MANY amazing talented bloggers – hundreds of them.? I couldn’t ask everyone I wanted to ask.? I was afraid of asking the wrong people, of other people feeling left out or pissed off, of everyone saying no.
  3. I facilitated something really beautiful.? There was a lot of magic in this blog hop, in sharing people’s honest heartfelt stories of how they nurture their dreams.? It inspired people all over the world.? It introduced people to interesting & amazing new bloggers.? And it got attention for my new free course.

I’m so glad I did this.

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