The (free!) Creative Dream Un-STUCK-U-Bator Sessions

The Creative Dream UN-STUCK-U-BATOR is a fifteen minute laser-focused coaching call with me. (We?ll meet on the phone, or if you?re outside of North America we?ll use Skype, audio only.)

In these sessions, people are finding impossible things turning possible, stucks melting away and new paths being formed.

Even though the sessions are only 15 minutes and most people come to them feeling like their stuck is too big to be solved in 15 minutes.

That?s not true.

We can?t make your shining big dream real is 15 minutes (that?s what the Incubator is for) but we can clear what?s in your way right now and get you moving towards it in a smoother, more ease-filled way.?

And you can get a sense of whether or not I am the right person to help you with your dream.

ETA:? All sessions have been taken. There are no more sessions available.? At this time I don’t know if I’ll do this again, but if I do first dibs will go to the people on my email list (sign up over at the top right corner of this page).

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