The magic of ALIGNMENT [Weekly Dream Status Report]

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On Fridays I do my Dream Status Report which is a series of prompts I use every week to help me have more clarity, momentum and groundedness on my path. You can do them with me (Dream Book members: come post yours in the forum!)!

Over the year I've gotten a lot of push-back from people who don't want to do the same prompts every week. I know it's annoying somethings but I promise - this is magically clarifying. The repetition helps you go deeper into the process.

Here are the prompts:

PART ONE: (sometimes these can stay the same for months at time, sometimes they change often)

My dream is:  

I want it because: 

When I have it I will feel:



Invite your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice) to help you with the rest of the prompts.



My goal/wish/intention for this New Moon is:

Last week’s focus was:

What happened in the last week?

What am I learning/How do I feel about this?

What do I need now?

What does my dream need now?

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is:

My Dream Status Report for this week:


My dream is: BEING the artist + writer I want to be and everything this entails. Having a less dramatic creative process (like less battling self doubt and more happily humming to myself while I write and draw). And how I feel in my life in perimenopuase and beyond.

I want it because: This is what feels most enticing and interesting to me. I'm also noticing how BEING who I feel I AM is important for my mental health. I feel so strongly - a better world is possible and our dreams show us the way there.

When I have it I will feel: Just a little more ME, more energized. More stable/sturdy. Excited about the new work I am doing.

My new moon intention: My intuition sent me an almost-scary message about being more clear about something. LOL that was vaguely written, but I am being more clear with myself, it's not something I'm ready to share about.


PART TWO: Invite your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice) to help you with the rest of the prompts.

My dream shows up as a powerful beam of light, that goes right through me and extends as far as I can see. No, not a beam a pillar. And so powerful it almost feels solid. Solid, strong, powerful energy saying "I AM HERE"



Last week’s focus was: I had been recommitting to a one hour minimum Creative Dream Practice in the mornings and it feels like it would be good to push that longer.


What happened in the last week? After two weeks of "Set up my new dream altar." as my focus and not doing it, this week I didn't make it my focus and I did do it! There are some construction-type things that still need to be done - I'm using this little cupboard Joseph made when he put a closet upstairs for me last fall and I still haven't done the finishing work. But I can do that in the fall when I can have windows open for paint fumes. And the altar is soooo good! Space to hold space for my dreams and the version of me I become as I pursue these next steps.

I had a lot of ups and downs - A VERY DRAMATIC WEEK, creatively. Also, PMS is just wild for me in peri-menopause. But for the most part, I kept up with the one-hour-PLUS of Creative Dream Practice time and this really served me. This SPACE to process my thoughts and feelings is really everything, it helps me feel more connected to my dreams and MY REAL SELF.

What am I learning/How do I feel about this? This morning I feel a lot of peace. I am enjoying summer. I am writing this in the park, drinking iced coffee I brought.

I have been learning (and re-learning!) about my post-pandmeic/peri-menopausal self's actual capacity. I am "going hard" when I have focus and clarity and backing right off when my mind starts to get fuzzy. This helps the next day be better, clarity/focus/productivity wise. (As opposed to trying to get myself to just do "one more thing" even when my mind is clearly now up to it anymore and I am just getting lost in distraction)

I am feeling less pressure to be my pre-pandemic self (which feels like a miracle!) and starting to accept where I am now.

What do I need now? My answer from last week still feels applicable: The answer that comes to me is PRESENCE. Remembering how magic and powerful I am when I am present. Giving myself more and more time for my practices.

Oh! Also, one evening this week I felt totally burned out and didn't want to make dinner But I had just picked up our box of veggies from our local farm subscription and felt pressure to start using them right away because it's a LOT of veggies and I don't want anything to do bad. I made dinner, felt overwhelmed, depleted and resentful about it, which send me on a train to a really bad mood all evening. So I need to HONOUR MY ACTUAL CAPACITY. I didn't have the capacity to make dinner that night, and I would have been better off if I had just honoured that.

What does my dream need now? Coming back into that meditation, my dream is this WILDLY POWERFUL pillar of light, it just needs to shine. And it has more pace to shine when I tend to myself well, so that I can then tend to it.

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is: Take good care of myself, honour my capacity, and stay present with my dreams. I know how I feel when I am ALIGNED. Focus on feeling this way more often.


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