The Self Care Planner is here!!!

I Take Excellent Care of Myself: 8 Week Undated Self Care Planner is now available through the Creative Dream Incubator Press!

I've been working on this during the whole pandemic.

With the combination of "a lot of my self care things became inaccessible" and "my life got more stressful on a number of fronts" and "the whole world started freaking out and falling apart" it was both tricky AND essential for me to find new ways to do self care.

There are a TON of ways to define self care. For me, self care is the foundation for everything else. For you, it can be something totally different.

All we know for sure is - we all need it right now.

This self care planner will get you looking at self care from different perspectives and experimenting with new ideas to help you feel how you want to feel, so you can do what you want to do.

Find out more + get your copy here!

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I am going to promote this "self care style"

It just doesn’t feel very “self care” to push myself to do a bunch of marketing things around this.

So I’m not.

I’m going to show up, as myself, and talk about it. And going to put self care at the center of how I do that this week.

Which means today instead of doing the Monday morning Creative Genius Planning Session on Instagram Live (which I usually do, even on long weekends) I’m taking the long weekend as a long weekend.

So this morning I’ll be eating pancakes in the park with my husband. 🥞 🌳 🧺 ❤️

Picnics are my love language and a huge source of self care for me.

Now - Go check out the planner!

**Get 20% off [until Friday] with the discount code:

The Self Care Planner is here!!!

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