The world needs your light. Shine bright.

The world needs your light. Shine bright.


Getting yourself to a place of being able to shine your light, and then making the necessary adjustments to keep shining the brightest light you can reach for is an ever-changing dance.

My dance, over the past few weeks has included:

  • solitude, lots and lots of glorious solitude
  • so many mugs of tea
  • re-arranging the furniture (both literally and metaphorically)
  • 45,000 words written
  • journals and art supplies scattered all throughout the dream loft
  • getting to know my most menacing inner critic yet – a huuuuge beast, a cross between a bird and a wolf.? (And then finding out it was just an inner child in a costume – which is why you NEVER yell at inner critics or tell your fears to fuck off.? No matter what they look like they are always your sweet, scared inner children)
  • the discovery of a whole new level of radiance + joy and the ability to plug into it in a whole new way

The quiet times are when all the best stuff happens.