Update 41: Creative Resistance & Showing Up Anyway


I’m so grateful for these weekly updates to bring me back into connection with my dream, because I’m feeling very “Do I HAVE TO keep taking steps forward? Can’t I just enjoy where I am?” lately, which is a bullshit question.? You don’t choose between taking steps and enjoying where you are.? You do both.? And I made a commitment to myself and I’m going to keep it.

Earlier this week, I was hanging out with a friend who asked how a person makes time for their creativity.

That’s the wrong question.

Almost all of the questions that people ask about their dreams is the wrong question, because the questions are so LOADED with assumptions that are not true that you can’t get through all of that not-true to find what is true.

I think of them as monster questions.? Any time you spend with them just keeps you away from having what you really want.

That’s where I am right now – tempted to dive into the monster questions.

But instead of hanging out with the monster questions, I just sat with the Creative Dream update journaling prompts.? I didn’t even answer them, I just sat with them and it all became clear.

Some parts of building a dream include showing up every day and working hard until you’re through that part.? That’s where I am right now.? I have a project that includes about a billion steps.

I want to do this project.? Everything I want to do next is built on this.

But I’m being a baby about doing the actual work.? This desire to dive into the monster questions is really just resistance to being a grown up, showing up and doing the work.

Every creativity expert agrees: you have to show up and do the work.

Amateurs wait for inspiration, professionals show up and do the work, every day.

Right now it’s hard for me, but I’m showing up anyway.

Yesterday I shared a bit from my journal about how I was working through the overwhelm.? I’m going to explore this more during next week’s Creative Genius Planning Session and find a way to find my way through this GIANT PROJECT with as little overwhelm as possible.

But beneath all of that – my dream is sparkling.? The Circle continues to grow.? I’m inspired and excited about what’s coming next.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps