Mandala Week!

Mandalas have been a part of my creativespiritual practice for the last fifteen years.? When I first started doing creativity workshops almost 10 years ago I often used mandalas as tools for healing and transformation.

Back then, I did less drawing, more painting and collaging.

Last summer I challenged myself to draw every day, which quickly evolved into drawing mandalas every day which has become a favourite way to slip into my creative flow, open up my intuitive connection while simultaneously calming me down and filling me up.

And I want to share the magic of it with you.

So I’m going to be posting here every day this week, sharing the magic of mandalas and how they can help you develop your intuitive voice and bring your dreams to life.

Tomorrow I’ve got something super special: a Mandala blog hop!

I wanted to make sure to include other Mandala artists and teachers in Mandala Week, to share different perspectives and stories about the magic of Mandalas.

So tomorrow we’ll hop around the web to read their stories and drool over their mandalas.


Wednesday I’m blogging about Mandalas and intuition.
Thursday I’m blogging about Mandalas and healing.
Friday I’m blogging about a Mandalas and bringing your dreams to life.

This is all, of course, in celebration of The Mandala Class which starts next Monday, September 15, where you’ll learn to create mandalas you’ll fall in LOVE with.

If you’re wondering what Mandalas even ARE, check out my easy-peasy Mandala tutorial.

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