What does your ⚡️MOST⚡️ creative self want to create?

Self doubt seems to go hand in hand with creative life - but actually that’s not natural.

Pre-colonial societies didn’t cause people to doubt their ability to express themselves. It’s our fucked up culture that makes you doubt yourself.

When you feel into your absolute most creative version of yourself, the part of you who is untouched by our toxic culture - what do you feel called to create?

Give yourself space to really explore this.

It's not about thinking BIGGER. It's about freeing yourself of the ways the world has told you who to be and what to want, and listening for your most authentic dreams because bringing these things into your life will heal you in ways you can't see right now.

My biggest dream was always to be creatively self-employed in a way that felt spiritually meaningful to me. Because our world wants us to focus on external success, it felt easier to focus on this as a dream.

But lately, my biggest dream is to create a wardrobe of really weird embroidered clothing. I have this indigo linen dress I made, loose and flowy with with big puffy sleeves, and I have been embroidering eyes inside a rainbow prism pyramid all over the yoke of the dress. It's so weird and I LOVE IT.

Working on this energizes me and feels healing in ways I don't yet understand. I have a pile of linen fabrics, a rainbow of embroidery flosses, and a ton of ideas for what to make next and this is making me SO happy.

And of course, when I feel SO happy and energized, I have more to put into my work, and that grows as well. We don't need to ALWAYS focus on the "practical dreams".

The best dream to focus on is the one that feels the most enticing to you.

Let's make magic together!

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What does your ⚡️MOST⚡️ creative self want to create?