What Got Me Here Won’t Get Me There (Weekly Dream Status Report)

brave moves don't happen in a vaccum

On Fridays I post my Dream Status Report which is a series of prompts I use every week to help me have more clarity, momentum and groundedness on my path. 

My Dream Status Report:

PART ONE: (sometimes these can stay the same for months at time, sometimes they change often)

My dream is: BEING the artist + writer I want to be. This is the "big picture" dream - this includes lots of different inner + outer things, which I am working on clarifying in my new Dream Book.

I want it because: This feels so enticing and important.

When I have it I will feel: More in the flow, more creative and like... feeling fully expressed. Right now it's like I have sooo much TO express, I would like to feel more fully EXPRESSED.

My new moon intention for this month: VERY SPECIFIC business goal for the end of the year


PART TWO: Invite your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice) to help you with the rest of the prompts.

The Field of Creative Dream Alchemy is the far north. It's snowy. There are pine trees. The northern lights above us. I LOVE winter, and it's snowing here today, and everything feels magical (I know - so easy to say when I don't have to go out in all this snow!)

My dream shows up as a glowing cocoon. I'm holding it in my hands. It feels sacred and vulnerable but also powerful.

It feels like - it's winter. It's incubating. It doesn't need anything except time and space to become what it is.

This hits me in the heart like a healing.

I call in the soul of my business to join us.

It shows up as a circle of pine trees, encircling us, keeping us safe, so that we have the time and space we need.

This feels SO healing.

The way I built my business - working hard - is not the way I will build what I do next.

It feels like - I worked hard to get better at what I do, to create the Dream Book and Creative Dream Alchemy frameworks, to build an audience for my work... and now I have that foundation to stand on.

I don't want to dismiss the value of hard work, or pretend that I didn't work very hard to get to where I am. I actually always described myself as a hard worker and I LOVED the hard work I put into all of this.


It doesn't feel like the way forward. I mean, it doesn't even feel possible. My brain doesn't seem to work that way anymore. AND it doesn't feel appropriate.

It feels like - I use Dream Book and Creative Dream Alchemy to create what's next. Which means I can heal, grow, create, explore, and play my way there. I just have to trust it. (ha! just trust)

I mean - in one sense this is what I have ALWAYS done. It's just that the way I do the outer work needs to change.



Last week’s focus was:Do the next thing that feels like magic.

What happened in the last week? I did do the next thing that feels like magic. Mostly this feels really small, like run the small decisions I made about what to do next through this question to figure out what to do NEXT, but in the end, all the things from my list still got done.

What am I learning/How do I feel about this? By starting with the thing that feels like magic in the moment, I get into the flow faster. Once I am in the flow, other things get done. It's so helpful to think about it each week, to have a list written out of what each project needs - I think that clarity plays a big part in this.

What do I need now? I did a therapy session ALL ABOUT the stressful parts of my family holiday gatherings and we worked out a plan. Not that it's THAT stressful, but we talked about every little thing and went down every little rabbit hole and in the end I felt really clear about how I want to do my holidays this year. So helpful! I need to hold onto all of that, and give myself a calm and relaxing month.

What does my dream need now? It's showing me my new embroidery project. I started on a few weeks ago, and then yesterday when I (finally!) felt better enough to go for a walk, I walked to Michaels and got embroidery thread for a new project. The cocoon sparkles when I embroider. It's like - me being engaged creatively is helping my dreams in ways I can't see.

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is: Still - do the next thing that feels like magic. Have a clear list of what I want to get done and keep checking in with my body + feelings about what I need next.

What Got Me Here Won\'t Get Me There (Weekly Dream Status Report)