Happiness is scary sometimes.

Feeling Cranky About Wanting To Feel Happy.? That is the title of a post I wrote yesterday in the Creative Dream Circle.

The past month I have been ridiculously happy.? Doing the energy work of preparing for our? Love Your Life Creative Journal Class was amazing and I can’t wait to share this beautiful experience with everyone tomorrow.

But yesterday, with the class just 2 days away, I started to get crankier.? Then I started worrying because it felt so out of integrity to be promoting the Love your Life class when I’m feeling all cranky.

So I took cranky with a layer of worry into the Un-Sticking Station in the Creative Dream Circle – which soothes, heals and transforms fear, worry and doubt.

In the Un-Sticking Station I discovered that my cranky self was worried that there wouldn’t be room for her anymore.? That she could no longer exist, if I want to teach a class about delight and joy.

She thought I wanted to sweep her under the rug.? Which is not true.

What she needs, to be happy, is permission to be cranky.? Not that that means she’ll actually BE cranky but she needs to know that there is space for her to feel what she feels.? She needed cranky to have a space in the Circle, to be a part of the class.? To be recognized out loud.

So, I wrote the Being Cranky About Wanting To Feel Happy post and made space for cranky (and afraid and annoyed and everyone else) to join us in the Love Your Life Creative Journal Class and something started to shift.

True happiness is not for the faint of heart.

In order to move towards more joy, happiness and delight you have to deal with what blocks happiness.

Fears that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve it, that it’s impossible.? Worry about what could happen if you become so happy that you stop caring about problems and you life falls apart.

Or what if you do become truly happy and then you lose it… wouldn’t it hurt too much to know how good it could be, and then to not be able to get back there?

Yeah,? happiness is terrifying.

But this is what it’s all about.? Setting an intention to move towards something.? Then clearing out the obstacles that are in the way.

What I love most about the Love Your Life Creative Journal Class is how we’re clearing the obstacles out of the way in the funnest ways possible: colouring and creative journaling and imaginative playful energy work.

Making it fun makes it engaging.

The more engaging it is, the longer you stay in the process.

The longer you stay in the process, the more stuff you clear.

The more stuff you clear, the easier it is to step forward.

Miracles happen when you stay in the process.

I hope you’re going to join us.

If you?re new to journaling, this will help you find the MAGIC in it.

If you?re already journaling, this will help you deepen your practice and find MORE magic.

We?ll get there by: Gently shifting things around in your inner world, dissolving the obstacles to joy and building new places where delight can hang out in your world.

Things we will NOT be doing: telling yourself to turn that frown upside down, being all Pollyanna about it or forcing yourself to make a bunch of life changes that you don?t really feel like making.

Love Your Life is NOT about working your ass off to make your life into something it’s not so you can love it.? Or about trying to force yourself to be grateful for what you?ve got.

It?s about healing, transformation and possibility, approached with creativity, imagination and play (and glitter pens).

My students report that doing this kind of work helps them feel more whole.

Because it brings you into deeper alignment with your inner wholeness which is the ultimate source of joy.

Class starts tomorrow.? Read all about it here.

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